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27 Week Bump Update with Faviana

27 Week Bump Update with Faviana

27 Week Bump Update with Faviana
Dress by Faviana

I’m feeling realllllll pregnant this week.  Bitchy hormonal, large rolly polly, bad ligament pains and severe nesting/anxiety.  The nesting is so bad right now, I’m looking at my house and planning all the ways I’m going to scrub and organize it this weekend.  And I CAN’T EVEN WAIT!  How sick is that?  Pregnancy makes us so weird.  Good news is, I am so psyched for Halloween and I can’t wait to take Hudson!  The hubbs and I tried teaching him to say “Trick or Treat” yesterday and after several “Dick or Meats” I think we’ve finally pulled it off.  At least it sounds a lot more like “Trick or Treat”.  Hud and I were going to be matching troll dolls, but I took him into the Halloween store and he freaked out over the train conductor costume so I’m letting him be that.  I’m going to attempt a gumball machine, but if it doesn’t work out I’m going as myself: large pajamas, embarrassing fuzzy pink slippers, and a bowl of popcorn. 

Workouts: Saving grace this week.  Seriously.  If I hadn’t hit the gym every day I probably would’ve committed a felony or two.  Funny story: I was in the squat rack doing my thing and this pot-bellied man walks over to me and without preamble asks “Aren’t you afraid you’re gonna push the baby out?”  Hahahaha oh I couldn’t help but laugh.

Hormones: Obviously, as stated above, I’m a little batsh** crazy this week. 

Overall: I’ve been better but I know that 3rd trimester is a beast so I’m trying to slow my roll and calm down.  Maybe shopping for Baby Hen will make me feel better. 

13 thoughts on “27 Week Bump Update with Faviana”

  1. This was great for a Friday morning laugh! I haven’t even had my coffee yet! And love the dress, btw. Gorgeous –no need to feel roly-poly! -Wendie

  2. You look lovely as usual! I didn’t really like the 3rd trimester either. I was just so happy that it was almost over and I was gonna get to meet my baby 🙂

  3. You look ridiculously gorgeous in that photo and I literally LOLed reading this post. I am off to go explore more of your pregnancy posts because I hope I can look as awesome as you do when I become pregnant one of these days 🙂

  4. Pregnancy does make us weird ha! I always told my husband that it’s a weird paradox of being the most feminine we’ll ever be while being the least feminine we’ll ever be (like the time I woke myself up because I was snoring SO loud! Ha!)

  5. You look gorgeous! Sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling the best. Pregnancy anxiety was the worst for me. I almost spit out my ice tea at what your son was saying instead of trick or treat…hilarious!

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