Best Baby Shower Gifts

 Pin this, bookmark it, and save it to your desktop.  I have compiled the best companies to shop for baby shower gifts.  And it’s not a long list!  6 companies and an endless amount of possibilities to make YOU the best gift giver out there.  Here are the best baby shower gifts: 
Cosatto Supa Stroller
The Cosatto Supa umbrella stroller.  I can’t say enough complimentary things about this.  It’s light, intuitive, and can we talk about the fun color options?!  It’s perfect for newborn-toddler ages, and comes with a Comfy Toes pouch to keep both warm!  It also has a multimedia pouch on the SPF 50 Sun Shade that can hold iPads, iPhones, flash cards, and whatever else you need to keep the little one entertained.  My favorite features, however, are the adjustable handles for height, and it’s completely upright autostand.  Also check out their high chairs and travel systems.
Wishbone Design Studio Mini Flip Rocker Walker Ride-On
The Mini Flip by Wishbone Design Studio.  This multi-use toy will grow as the child grows.  It’s innovative and extremely light so you can take it with you anywhere.  The best part?  It’s a rocker, a walker, and a ride-on toy!  Once assembled, you won’t need any tools to flip between all 3 stages.  Plus, I adore that cherry red color and little compartment under the seat.  Also look at Wishbone’s bike and wagon!
Baby Lit Books for Girls
Baby Lit Books are ALWAYS a shower favorite.  Just look at those bright colors and graphics!  Not to mention the plethora of amazing titles to choose from: Jane Eyre for a girl shower, Wizard of Oz for gender neutral, and Treasure Island for a boy.  There are tons of options, they’re so reasonably priced, and every time I’ve given someone these the whole room is in awe at such a thoughtful and original gift.  Look at Baby Lit’s games too.
Aden and Anais Swaddles for Girls
Aden and Anais– enough said.  We’ve all heard the name and there is a reason why.  I bought my first A&A swaddle blankets for Hudson when he was just a newborn.  I remember it was the bamboo swaddle pack because he STILL carries those blankets around with him today.  They’re soft, they’re all-natural, and they come in the most perfect prints.  Any and every mama will be happy to receive these swaddles for their sweet babes.  I also love their Burpy Bibs and burp cloths!
Newborn Photo Props
And last but not least is Knitting Nannies!  The owner, Mary Beth, makes heart-warming hand-knit goods.  I particularly love her hand-knitted letters as they’re perfect nursery decor/newborn photo shoot props.  She also has delicious little knitted crowns, cowls, and pom beanies.  I mean, any of these would be the highlight of a baby shower.

If you need more gift ideas, check out my Newborn Favorites post.
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  1. This is super helpful because I always have trouble figuring out what to get as a gift. I also worry about getting the person the same thing as five other people, so thank you for sharing! xx,