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Pamper Holiday Gift Guide with Painted Earth

Pamper Holiday Gift Guide with Coupon Codes

Pamper Holiday Gift Guide with Painted Earth 0 Pamper Holiday Gift Guide with Coupon Codes by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

It’s the holiday season, which means holiday gift guides galore!  To kick off my annual holiday gift guide extravaganza, I wanted to introduce you all to Painted Earth Skincare.  If you’ve been following for a while, you know how much I love this organic line of makeup and skincare.  If you haven’t, you can read more about it here and here.  Let me just sum up by saying this is, by far, the best transition I have ever made for my skin.  So with the holidays fast approaching, I put together a holiday gift guide of my must-haves for you to pamper your loved ones with!  Use my coupon code HAPPILY at checkout for a discount.

  1. Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub– smells like heaven and makes your skin soft as a baby’s booty.  Great at-home spa treatment for any girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, etc…
  2. Vitamin C Serum– As the priciest product on this list, I can only tell you it is worth every penny!  Definitely a gift for those you love and know will appreciate a top-of-the-line product.
  3. Mineral Eye Glimmer– in an array of gorgeous colors and at only $15 a pop, why wouldn’t you grab a couple of these?  Maybe even get yourself some 😉
  4. Silk Radiance High Lite Powder– If you know anyone who has an obsession with contouring, they NEED this powder.  It’s is every contourist’s dream come true.
  5. Luxury Lipstick– smells like heaven, moisturizes as it’s applied, and stays on all day.  Another happy surprise for someone’s stocking or a great White Elephant gift!
  6. Charcoal Mask– oh pure skincare heaven!  This mask lifts impurities while bringing radiance back to your skin.  Another at-home spa treatment for all the women in your life.
  7. Baby Hint of Mint Lipgloss– my FAVORITE.  These little lip glosses are only $6 so you can get every shade your heart desires.  Wait, this is a gift guide.  You can get every shade your heart desires AND some for your favorite ladies! 



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8 thoughts on “Pamper Holiday Gift Guide with Coupon Codes”

  1. I’ve read so much about all the different uses for charcoal. I think it’s the new coconut oil, and I definitely want to try it!

  2. That Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub sounds incredible! I’ve been loving scrubs recently now that exfoliating is a must-have in my routine. As much as I love the idea of giving these gifts for others, I wouldn’t mind keeping some for myself as well! Haha. Commenting via The Blogging Elite from blissfullybrunette.com!

  3. Wow, Thank you! I did know about this company. I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to learning more and giving their products a try. Blessings!

  4. Love this! I use Vit C serum every night and I’m obsessed! I’m going to try this brand because you rock and I trust you! Thanks XOXO

  5. I have never heard to Painted Earth Skincare but it looks like an awesome line of products!!! I would love to receive those Luxury Lipsticks as a gift.


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