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Reasons to Cord Blood Banks

Why We’re Cord Blood Banking

reasonstocordbloodbank This was an emotional post for me to write. No parent ever enjoys thinking about a time when their child was in pain/sick. But I need to share this so more families are better educated. SO here goes: I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy boy on June 3, 2013.

Reasons to Cord Blood Banks

August 3, 2013 that beautiful boy almost died. He went into SVT (supra-ventricular tachycardia) at a heart rate of 340. Normal for a 2 month old is 120-180. At such a high rate his heart was beating so fast it started to bleed and tear. We got very lucky and caught it before it caused permanent damage, but the days following were the scariest of my life.  I remember amid the beeps and my childs screams, one young doctor pulled me aside and asked if we had banked his cord blood. She then explained that they didn’t know what was causing his extremely high BPM, but that we may need cord blood down the line.  My heart dropped to my stomach. We hadn’t banked his cord blood.

I will not be making that mistake again. Obviously I don’t plan or want anything like that to ever happen again, but at least I’ll know it’s there for back-up if the unthinkable happens. Here’s what you need to know about cord blood (you can also watch this quick video for a Cord Blood 101):

The umbilical cord houses stem cells. Stem cells are cells that can both replicate themselves and become specialized. Because of their unique capabilities, they can be used today in the treatment of over nearly 80 different illnesses and diseases. Including certain types of that scary C word- cancer. Stem cells can be used for both the baby whose umbilical cord they were extracted from and for any biological siblings!

Reasons to Cord Blood Banks

After lots of research and discussion with our doctor, we’ve chosen to bank Henley’s cord blood with Viacord. They have over 20 years experience and come highly recommended by many that I’ve spoken with. You can learn more about cord blood banking with Viacord here.

Reasons to Cord Blood Banks

And if you’re new here, you’ll be happy to know Hudson is a thriving and a wild two year old.  I plan on doing everything in my power to keep him that way.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

7 thoughts on “Why We’re Cord Blood Banking”

  1. Wow, what incredible information for new mothers. Thank you for brining awareness to this subject. So glad to hear that your boy is happy and healthy!!

    xo Ivette

  2. Wow! Thank you for your honest post! Brought tears to my eyes. Such a tough time for your family, but I’m happy it has a happy ending and will save someone else the same headache in the future hopefully. I’m not pregnant (YET), but praying for a happy and healthy little one like you. You son is such a cutie patootie!!!! Love your style of writing by the way. Thanks!

  3. Cord blood banking was in its infancy when I was born. My mother is an RN and had thought about having it done when I was born, but unfortunately it was not that “easy” to do, even though I was born at a major medical center. There was the question of “where is that cord blood sample stored? Who/how will you pay for it?” Back then those questions weren’t easily answered.

    She regrets that decision and lack of opportunity every day.

    When I have a baby I will not make the same mistake, and now that it’s easier to do I will have no regrets.

  4. I was going to write more, but then something went wrong. So, here I am again. Becoming a parent is scary as it is, especially when it’s your first baby. And when something like this happens, it’s even worse. So glad your boy is ok and everything turned out good! Raising awareness for something important as this is wonderful – one should know about his options! Great choice!

  5. Wow – I had never heard of this. I will share this post on my facebook page too – it seems to me that it is something which everyone who is looking to have a family should know about. Thank you for sharing, so glad your son is ok 🙂 x

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