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How to Clear Your Skin and Painted Earth Skincare Promo Code

How to Clear Your Skin
Alright it’s time to talk about something not so pretty- pimples.  I had pretty fantastic skin through high school and college, despite my poor diet and way too many tanning sessions.  Then I had Hudson and BAM my face is breakout city. 
I went to my dermatologist and she tried everything to clear it up to no avail.  Then I went to my gynecologist to see if it was hormonal.  That turned out to be a big factor (I had higher levels of testosterone) so she got me on a new birth control pill and it helped with the breakouts, but not entirely.  I was still getting pretty serious acne at least once a month!  UGH!  Then a friend introduced me to Painted Earth Skin Care and my skin has begun to glow again.  The above picture is a 1 week difference of using the below products:
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Glowing Skin
 Boo Boo Gel: This is what clears the breakouts, as well as heals cuts, abrasions, and even helped my husband with poison oak.  All around lifesaver and a must for every woman’s purse.  The winner of my last Painted Earth giveaway messaged me and told me it had cleared her pregnancy acne right up as well.  Oh did I mention it’s all-natural and completely safe for preggos?
Vitamin C Serum: This has helped my skin glow again.  You’ll notice in the above picture that it’s decreased the appearance of sun spots (DO NOT TAN) while evening out my skin tone. 
Vitamin C Lotion: My favorite lotion I have ever used.  And that’s saying a lot as I’m a face lotion junkie.  It hydrates while not being heavy or oily and my skin is baby booty soft.
How to Clear Your Skin
I think bare skin is beautiful and I now have the confidence to show mine off.  I’m over here like “Hey everybody, come see how good my skin looks!”  And if you get that movie reference, we should be friends 😉 
*A little about Painted Earth: Painted Earth is an all organic and natural skin care company that does not allow animal testing with any of it’s products or even the ingredients for it’s products.  If you’re interested in this amazing company, you can find Painted Earth:
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  1. I am checking them out right now! I may just add the 3 products you've shared to a shopping cart and check out. I have had problems with my skin my whole life but the problems you mentioned are ones that I struggle with too.

  2. I have a problem with dark spots too. I'm always looking for things that will help get rid of them, and nothing has worked so far. I really want to try out these products! Maybe I'll wait till Cyber Monday!

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