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Fall Maternity Style with Gray Monroe

Weekend Recap with Gray Monroe

Fall Maternity Style with Gray Monroe Fall Maternity Style with Gray MonroeFall Maternity Style with Gray Monroe

It was a rainy nasty weekend, so my mom, Hudson and I got out of town!  We went up to Rock City, Tennessee for some good food, great hiking, and a respite from the sad Atlanta weather.  I even decided to get dressed up one night and had to wear my Gray Monroe dress and jacket!  I have been dying for an army green coat for some time, and this Gail Jacket is fitted and versatile.  It pairs perfectly with the Eva Dress– which is a closet staple for both those expecting and not-expecting.  I ordered a medium and it gives me room to grow with this big ol’ belly of mine, but order a small and it’ll be the perfect swing-style dress.  I accessorized with the goodies linked below- feel free to shop!  

Family Hiking Rock City Tennessee toddlerboyfashionhuxbaby Family Hiking Rock City Tennessee Family Hiking Rock City Tennessee Family Hiking Rock City Tennessee Family Hiking Rock City Tennessee

And of course we had to hike!  Can you believe this view at Rock City?  It was breathtaking and a much needed nature escape.  My mom and I had so much fun/ a great workout carrying Huddy all around the park.  Not to mention how much he loved being carried around all day.  Lazy bum.  According to my heart rate monitor I burned about 1000 calories! Wahoo! Who’s getting a brownie sundae with me?  Just kidding.  Sort of.  We’re going back to Rock City around Thanksgiving time to see the Christmas lights and I can’t wait!!

What’d you do this weekend?  

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  1. So..you’re pregnant, carrying a little child on your back and wearing heels? Woman give me a virtual high five!!! Without a child on my back I’ll be looking for air when I’m hiking..enough said..that’s not happening alot ..hahahahha..love love love the outfit with the dress. Hope it’s a girl so you can dress her up like you 🙂

  2. Sounds like an excellent weekend- I love hiking but I can’t imagine doing it pregnant- I’m much too exhausted. You are like Wonder Woman with the heels and carrying your son on your back- I admire that (I wish I weren’t so lazy!) 🙂

  3. What a nice family day and beautiful views too! I didn’t do anything as exciting…just stayed home and started my holiday house cleaning. Will be having guests and I need to clean clean clean.

  4. OMG! I’m pretty sure your a Super Hero! You make this look so easy! What a view though, Your Baby’s Daddy is very very Lucky I’m sure!! Thanks so much for sharing, It’s motivating me to get off my ass a little more! 😀

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