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34 Week Bumpdate

Maternity Style

Ok so I definitely need to clarify on my Instagram post last night.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was set on having a natural child birth.  After doing a lot of research, I chose to do water birth with hypnobirthing.  I switched practices to a group I felt more aligned with this plan, which also meant a new hospital to deliver in.  We went for the hospital tour and water birthing class last night in this new hospital, and it was a hot mess.  


If you’ve been around awhile, you know that Hudson and I did not have the typical delivery (more like terrifying).  If not, here’s a quick synopsis: The hospital I birthed Hudson at is one of the best birthing hospitals in the country.  However, our experience there was pretty frightful.  First, they gave me Pitocin even though I had stated clearly I did not want it.  The Pitocin caused my contractions to become so strong and so close together that it shoved Hudson down too fast, causing a hematoma the size of a softball behind my uterus.  Then, during delivery, my nurse disappeared.  My mom had to step in and help my midwife birth Hudson.  Afterwards, they couldn’t figure out why I was in so much pain (hematomas hurt like a B by the way).  When they finally figured out what the problem was, I was told I was bleeding internally, I would need a hysterectomy, and that I would not be able to have more kids.  Doesn’t sound great does it?  Which is why having a competent and focused birthing staff is SO important to me this time around.

Maternity Style

Back to our hospital tour/birthing class last night.  I’m going to condense it into a few sentences.  The tour was 45 minutes late so we got a 5 minute speedy walk through and no pertinent information.  The lady in charge of the tour was also in charge of the water birthing class.  She’s a L&D nurse at the hospital and I must say I was not impressed by her, the class, or the statistics she gave me on the hospital.  Only a 10% success rate for water births?  What’s the point? So I’m talking to my midwife about switching hospitals today.  I’m pretty sure they only deliver at that hospital so I may be switching practices at 34 weeks.


Have any of you had to switch practices or hospitals during your pregnancy?  If so, how did it go?

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  1. Lots of military wives get the unfortunate opportunity to move in the third trimester. Those moves never have good timing, especially when it comes to a baby! I had two friends relocate when they were sometime around 34 weeks – they moved from the Midwest to South Korea!!! They made their birth plan goals known to their provider and both mamas had good births and healthy babies. My two favorite words in the medical industry – second opinion. Use this patient right if you need it. Also many practices are now realizing that the patient is a customer and needs to be treated with customer service and an effort to obtain and maintain a relationship. I hope you find a doctor who you feel comfy with! 🙂

  2. Hi! I just switched practices at 24 weeks for similar reasons. Complications in my first labor and delivery led me to want a different more natural hospit/birthing experience. So far so good! Do whatever is best you and baby!

  3. Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear about your 1st experience and the recent hospital tour! I’ve never changed practices that late but I don’t see why it would be a problem. The most important thing is finding one that works for you, your family and what you want for your birthing experience. I pray that you find something soon. Take care Mama!
    -Natasha | http://www.lovelyyoublog.com

  4. I had to switch to a new practice and hospital at 39 weeks. I was considered to be in a high risk pregnancy because my son had kidney issues in utero that were going to be a major issue once he was born. Also the hospital I originally planned on.. their nurses were on strike. At 39 weeks, the specialist I had been seeing since 20 weeks told me my son’s bladder was dilated which meant bad news. He didn’t feel comfortable having me deliver at an unstable hospital. The doctor moved me to Yale New Haven Hospital to deliver. The new practice had to induce me at nearly 41 weeks. I spent almost a week in the hospital because nothing was working and I only had very weak contractions. 5 days later, they finally broke my water and my contractions got a little stronger, but still weak. They had me start pushing anyway and 5 hours later my son arrived. The whole experience was terrible and even after everything was over I still cried about having to switch to this hospital. I never got a chance to tour the hospital I delivered at because it was such a short notice of change. I know a lot of it was out my hands because my sons health was at stake but I still think about how horrible of an experience it was and it gives me major anxiety when I think about having another kid. You’re at 34 weeks so you still have a little time, don’t give up on finding what makes you most comfortable and secure.

  5. When I was 32 weeks with my first, we moved from overseas to Texas and I had to find a Dr that would take me being that I was so far along. My mom found one for me that was down the hall from her doctor and he just this summer delivered our 4th. I live over an hour away from his practice now and love his staff so much that I am willing to drive. They’re that good!! 🙂
    I wish you the best.

  6. You are glowing. And in the end you have to do what you feel is right for you and the baby. And if you are not comfortable where you are now, there is no shame in moving. This, bringing a life into the world, is a big deal. Do what you need to do Momma!

  7. Yikes! I can see why you’re apprehensive and don’t have a good taste in your mouth about this hospital. How disappointing that they showcased it in the worst way, but also giving a negative statistic on the success rate. How the hell was that supposed to make a soon to be momma feel?! Jesus Murphy.
    You still look as gorgeous as ever, girl. Take some deep breaths and I hope this all works out for you in the end. I look forward to reading all about your water birth (if I had babies, I would definitely do a water birth!!).

    Good luck and best wishes gorgeous. xo

  8. Oh my goodness. How frustrating. You definitely want competent doctors and nurses for your birth experience or midwives. I switched practices during both my pregnancies, and found places I was much more comfortable. I hope you find somewhere and get the birth plan that you want.

  9. That’s such a bummer that you have to switch in the 11th hour of in your case the 34th week, but I have to admit that the medical industry has been a major bummer for me in general. I can’t imagine having to depend on it for the birth of my child because the doctors I’ve seen just don’t care about me or some of their other patients. The customer service element is just NOT there, which drives me insane because it’s a huge part of a lot of what I do on a day to day basis but I base my sale and purchases on customer service! So frustrating for you, and I hope you get it figured out! adaatude.com

  10. Wow mama! I had no idea you had such a bad experience with sweet Hudson. I had a natural birth with Marli and did have Pitocin but made it very clear to them to take it easy and let my body lead. Luckily, my experience was really good so I am hoping it’ll be the same for our 2nd. I don’t have experience switching hospitals so close to the due date, but I wish you luck and hope everything goes smoothly! Just keep an open mind and be flexible and know that whatever way you give birth (naturally, with meds, waterbirth, at home, etc), you are still a superwoman 🙂 Keep us updated!

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