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35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

35 Week Bump Update

35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

Whew this time thing is a beotch.  IM NOT READY!  Hahaha, but seriously, I need to still be approved by my new practice, do a hospital tour, get her nursery in some semblance of order, wash her clothes, etc.. Totally normal for second child, right?  Last Friday I had all the anxiety about these things, but I’m at the point where all I want is someone to get this baby out of me safely. 

35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

I think keeping busy is both making the time fly and helping me stay calm about the impending arrival of our daughter.  This past weekend was chock full of activities: Christmas parties, exploring downtown Atlanta, and our normal running errands/preparing for the week.  We had 4 Christmas parties on Saturday, and it was so fun to see so many of our friends!  By 9:00 I was exhausted though, so Hudson and I skipped out on the last shindig to snuggle in bed.  Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens and checked out their holiday train exhibit, which had Hudson in pure delight.  That was my absolute favorite.

35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style 35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

Anddd I had some serious third trimester suckage happen this weekend.  Not only have my cankles come back full force, but I also peed AND ripped my pants on Sunday.  Is that TMI?  Too bad.  I don’t want to be all hearts and roses to ya’ll, so I’ll say this: as much as I love being pregnant, the third trimester BLOWS.  Like, I’m already large and round and have cellulite showing up in places I didn’t realize I could get cellulite.  Do I also need to worry about laughing so hard I pee?  Or instantaneous rippage of my pants? No.  But that’s what happened.  Jason was telling me the funniest story on Sunday morning, and I got to that point of laughter where it’s hard to breathe and my eyes were watering.  Boom pants peed.  Which made me laugh harder because I’m perverse like that.  THEN Jason gave me the afternoon to go see a movie.  I went to the movie theatre, ordered all sorts of delicious snacks, and when I went to cross my legs my pants ripped. Like a big, gaping, obvious hole.  I had to take off my sweater and tie it around my waist at an angle so that I could get to my car without anyone noticing.  Pretty much I’m just a hot mess over here. 

35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style 35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

Exercise: Still going strong!  Took Sunday and Monday off due to time constraints and now a sick toddler, but we’re going hiking today!  I have completely stopped running but am still loving weights and dance.

Hormones: Pretty good!  A lot of laughter lately which I’m banking on constantly thinking of seeing sweet Henley so soon. 

Overall: Besides the peeing/ripping my pants, cellulite covered, cankle rocking lady that I am I feel good!

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  1. You look stunning! I adore your baby belly. You are just so hilarious! I never peed on myself when I was in the third trimester, but I no notice that I can’t do ANYTHING without worrying about doing it a little bit so I have to keep that in mind while laughing.

  2. You look great – I love that dress! I am a couple of weeks ahead of you but dress nowhere as cute as that. You can find me usually in sweats or yoga pants and my hubby’s t-shirts LOL!

  3. You look amazing! It’s definitely exciting to see the little bundle of joy. I bet you can’t wait! Love the dresses!

  4. You look really great! Just some weeks left and you can welcome you little baby girl. The peeing and ripping your pants is so funny. Happened to me too once when I was pregnant with my daughter.

  5. Gorgeous photos! You cracked me up with the pee and ripped pants story. Cant wait to see your new little bundle photos soon!

  6. 3rd trimester can bring lots of unexpected surprises. But you look good no matter what!
    With my first pregnancy I definitely had much more energy. And now, that I’m pregnant with a second baby, it’s a little more challenging to excercise and do all the things I did during first pregnancy. My active preschooler doesn’t give me much time for myself:)

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