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Minion Movie Night

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Minions Movie Night Crafts and DIY

We have an absolute Minions obsession in this household.  So when the Minions movie was released, I knew we needed a fun family night.  I thought of Hudson’s favorite treats and came up with two Minions crafts to pair them with- minions marshmallows and minions treat bags.  When he woke up from his nap and saw the treats and movie awaiting him, his smile could’ve lit up a room!  

Minions Movie Night Crafts and DIY Minions Movie Night Crafts and DIY Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIY Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIY

First up is the minions treat bag.  You’ll need: 

  • Brown paper bags- same number as the number of guests you’re having for the movie night. 
  • Paint brushes- 1 medium and 1 small.
  • Yellow craft paint 
  • White craft paint 
  • Silver craft paint 
  • Black marker
  • Treat of choice- Hudson loves the Archer Farms puffs! 

To make: 

  1. Lay out brown paper bags and paint each yellow as shown above in 1st picture.  Give at least 2 hours to dry. 
  2. Then paint a white circle in the middle for the eye, as shown in the second picture.  Let this dry as well.  If you want to speed it up, place in the fridge! 
  3. Once white is dry, paint the silver around to make the goggle.  Allow this to dry. 
  4. Take the black marker and outline the minions eye, goggle, and mouth!  Fill with your favorite treat and enjoy!.

Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIY Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIY Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIYMinion Movie Night Crafts and DIY Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIYTo make the minions marshmallows, you will need: 

  • 1 bag of marshmallows 
  • 1 bag of white chocolate in a medium bowl
  • Yellow food dye 
  • Blue sprinkles, poured into a small bowl
  • Candy eyes 
  • Black writing frosting 
  • 1 fork
  • Wax paper 
  • Cookie sheet

To make: 

  1. Melt chocolate in microwave, every 30 seconds stirring until completely melted.  Add yellow food dye until it’s the perfect minion yellow.
  2. Place fork in the top of each marshmallow and dip into yellow chocolate, quickly remove, then dip into blue sprinkles.  Place on wax paper over cookie sheet.  Reference 3rd picture above.
  3. Place entire cookie sheet in the fridge and let the chocolate harden.  Should take about an hour. 
  4. Use black writing frosting to draw smile and two circles to hold candy eyes- reference 4th picture above.
  5. Place candy eye/eyes on frosting.  Then draw two straight lines out from eyes using black frosting to complete the goggles. 
  6. Enjoy! 

Minion Movie Night Crafts and DIY

Obviously Hudson had a wonderful time!  We snuggled up, ate our treats, and enjoyed the Minions Metal Pak Blu-ray/DVD.  Everything used for our craft night, the Minions movie, and the fun minions gear you see above with Hudson were all purchased at Target.  The Metal Pak DVD is even a Target exclusive and has 40 minutes of extras for your family to enjoy.  It’s a one-stop shop for a fun night in with the family!


Minion Movie Night

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  1. Those chocolate covered marshmallows are the best idea i’ve seen in a while! Will need to try making them whenever we watch this movie!

  2. My son loves the Minions too. He would go crazy for those marshmallows! Great idea, and I love the bags too. So fun!

  3. Ha, how cute! Love your ideas! Minions are so much fun!

  4. Really cute. My son was sitting next to me and he saw the minions and said, “Whoa….” so I think that’s high praise! 🙂 Visiting from #authentic bloggers

  5. omg! What a lucky kid! Good job mama

  6. Oh my gosh, this could NOT be any cuter!! Love, love love that baby boy’s smile.

    Meg | Peachtree Roadies

  7. I love this lol. Those minions are so cute. My daughter wanted to have a minion party for her birthday and I was like are you sure lol.

  8. Oh my goodness!! On the real, I’m not a huge minion fan BUT this is too cute!!!! I love the popcorn bags!

  9. Very cute and cool idea, I’m sure my son would love this, he loves the minions.

  10. SO so so cute! I love the Minions and I love everything you made. I know when I become a mom, I’ll totally be doing things like this.

  11. This is the cutest thing ever. So creative, and it looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it all!

  12. How cute! I will have to remember this for the future!

  13. Well if this isn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever seen!!! I’m coming to your house!

  14. This looks like so much fun!! My Kiddies loved the minions movie and we always have popcorn for movie nights so those bags would be absolutely perfect to give them a bit of fun while watching. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. Those popcorn bags are so cute and so easy – I love how this is a great way to personalize a Minions movie night and make it even more special. #client

  16. These are SO STINKIN CUTE, Jessica! The minion baggies are too perfect. My mom is a huge minions fan, so I might need to throw a Minion-themed bash for HER! Ha!

    Coming Up Roses

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