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Fitness Gift Guide

Fitness Gift Guide with Coupon Codes

Fitness Gift Guide

Ok this gift guide is very close to my heart, because HELLO FITNESS!  One of my favorite subjects of all time.  But it’s also great because not only is it a gift guide, its a great list of must-haves for your New Year resolutions as well!  I have all of these items myself, so they are tried and true necessities.  Some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t.  But I promise you won’t regret buying these for those you love, or for yourself! 

  1. REM-Fit 400 pillow and sleep/activity tracker– Ok I know some of you are thinking “Why do I need a pillow?”  But really, this is AWESOME!  One, you need this pillow because: it’s supportive yet comfortable and has more technology in it than your average computer.  It whisks away moisture, cools itself, is hypoallergenic, and gives you the ability to increase or decrease softness.  The activity/sleep tracker stores your sleep habits, steps, calories burned and syncs with bluetooth to your iPhone or Android.  Together these items will help you or a loved one achieve better sleep and overall better health!
  2. Garmin Vivofit 2– I grilled one of my favorite personal trainers and he said that this is his favorite fitness gadget.  Not only do you not need to charge it for up to a year, but it also encourages you to walk throughout the day.  If you’ve been sitting for too long it’ll notify you it’s time to get up and move!  Paired with a heart rate monitor, it also keeps track of your heart rate and calories burned.  It also automatically syncs up with the Garmin app, and can sync with your My Fitness Pal app to track your calories burned v.s. calories consumed.  Great for both new fitness fanatics and long-time gym rats. 
  3. *Chef’s Circle Digital Kitchen Scale– Have a foodie on your hands?  Know someone that’s starting macros?  Or someone wanting to take their diet seriously in the New Year?  Any and all of these people would enjoy this scale!  Small, lightweight, and extremely accurate, this kitchen scale can measure in grams, pounds, ounces or kgs.  It has a digital display for easy reading, and a Tare feature that allows you to eliminate the weight of plates or bowls.  Use code “hughesfit” for 50% off!  At only $20.00 you can’t go wrong. 
  4. Jam Audio headphones– I love these!  The battery lasts forever and they truly are noise-canceling.  Plus they have controls on the side of the headphones so you can turn your music on or off or skip a song without touching your phone!
  5. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat– Extra thick and supportive with plenty of grip to keep you from sliding.  Novice to Expert yogis will adore this mat! 
  6. Nike International Sneakers– My favorite shoes to lift in.  There’s plenty of ankle support, and just enough lift in the back heel to help with squats.
  7. Insten® 2 packs of Sportband Cases : Black , Silver/ Purple Compatible with Apple® iPhone 6 (4.7)– Only $7!! Great stocking stuffer 🙂 
  8. Albion Fit workout gear- Any item from this place will make you a gift-giving hero.  My favorite fitness clothing company by far!  They have gorgeous swimsuits, leggings, shirts, and sweaters that are not only durable but comfortable, and above all: fabulous.

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38 thoughts on “Fitness Gift Guide with Coupon Codes”

  1. I love memory foam pillows and the Vivofit! I also created a gift guide and you have several things that I didn’t even consider, like the arm band. Proves that there are so many things we can gift others!

  2. These are awesome fitness gifts! I’m definitely going to need some of these after baby comes, especially cute new workout clothes to get me in the mood to get back into my jeans!

  3. This is a great gift guide for those fitness junkies and people who need this attire. What’s funny is I got all stocked up on fitness attire, and I’m back to not working out regularly (*shakes head*) but we will have to get back into it at some point since I’m paying for the gym and my ass isn’t going to firm itself! Haha adaatude.com

  4. Great guide, someone likes purple! Those headphones look like something I need in my life for sure its time I upgrade to cordless. I also like that mat!

  5. I love love love the Manduku mats! And you had me at everything in this gift guide being purple! I have almost all purple accessories so any and all of these would be fabulous!

  6. Great list!! I’m in desperate need of some new running sneakers. I just replaced my sneakers from high school and my new ones have caused so many issues with my ankles. I actually had a sprained ankle within 3 days of using them. It’s horrible haha new sneakers are high on my Christmas wish list.

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