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38 Week Bump Update with Metal Marvels

Bump Style Box Maternity Style

I have a fun new shop to share with ya’ll called Metal Marvels, and some more fun looks from my sweet friends at BumpStyle Box- but I’ll update you on the bump first since I keep getting emails from you sweet people checking on me 😉

Baby girl is still cooking!  We had a false alarm on Thursday, which was a bit frustrating.  I had contractions starting at 1PM that continued on all afternoon and eventually got to 5 minutes apart for an hour.  They felt exactly like they did with Hudson so I called my midwife and she told me to head to the hospital.  We checked in around 8 PM, they hooked me up, and I was having strong contractions every 2-5 minutes for the next 8 hours.  Until 4 AM and they just petered out and stopped.  I had progressed 2 cms and that was it!  So I asked to be sent home, and thankfully my midwife let me.  I’m experiencing what’s called Prodromal Labor: real contractions that last for several hours, but don’t end in a baby being born.  I’ve had it every day since Thursday- several hours of contractions 3-10 minutes apart and then it just stops.  So I’ve just been focusing on rest and lots of family time with my boys.  

Exercise: Doing more walking and less weightlifting these last two weeks!  I know my body needs all the strength I can save up for birth.  But i still feel pretty darn good!  I try to walk at least 3 miles a day if I don’t hit the gym, or I walk the stairs in our house if it’s too cold outside.  

Hormones: Prodromal labor is annoying and a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but other than that i’m good! 

Overall: SO excited to meet this gorgeous blessing but absolutely ok with her taking her time to cook longer.  In the meantime I’ll continue dressing this bump with BumpStyle Box and Metal Marvels (below)


Metal Marvels is an online and inexpensive jewelry store that I have fallen for.  As this pregnancy comes to an end I’m feeling less and less attractive, but I find adding a little bling to my outfits lifts my spirit.  I am loving these pieces from MM as shown above: Not Your Grandma’s Ring, Chained Bangle, and the Layered Pearl Pendant.  They look great combined and I loved pairing them with this gorgeous top from BumpStyle Box!  I highly recommend following Metal Marvels on Instagram as they body great coupon codes 😉bumpstyleboxmaternitystylemetalmarvelsYou can find Metal Marvels at: 



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  1. You look stunning. Prayers for you and your baby girl. Prodromal Labor doesn’t sound good at all. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest. I wish you all the best!

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