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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

I know, this smoothie has been done time and time again.  But there’s a reason- it’s delicious!  And on top of that, it’s the only thing I can get my son to drink right now that I can hide veggies in.  Yes, you read that right, this smoothie is packed with spinach and kale!  It’s a great smoothie for both me and Hudson because it gives us plenty of protein, iron, and vitamin A!  Not to mention it tastes like a Frosty from Wendy’s with a big dollop of peanut butter goodness thrown in.  Here is my Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie recipe: 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
    A delicious and nutritious take on the classic Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie
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    Prep Time
    2 hr
    Prep Time
    2 hr
    1. 1 scoop AboutTime Chocolate Peanut Butter protein powder- use code HAPPILYHUGHES for 25% off
    2. 10 oz Chocolate Almond Milk
    3. 1 Frozen Banana
    4. 1 cup Frozen Spinach and Kale
    5. 1 TBSP Sipping Chocolate from Trader Joes
    6. 1 TBSP Peanut Butter
    7. 1 tsp Flax Seed
    8. 1 tsp Chia Seeds
    1. Throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend.
    2. Pour into a glass and ENJOY!
    Jessica Hughes | Happily Hughes - Atlanta Georgia Influencer https://happilyhughes.com/

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  1. I just showed this to my husband who practically leapt out of his seat and shrieked we have GOT to make this! haha!

  2. I’m all about green protein smoothies after my workouts. I had no idea Trader Joe’s had this sipping chocolate but I definitely need to try it!


  3. Mmm that looks delicious! I have hidden spinach in my chocolatey smoothies before without noticing it but I have yet to add kale. I always feel like it will overpower everything, however I’m sure that drinking chocolate helps 😉

  4. Dang! That is one healthy smoothie! I love the addition of flax and chia seeds! 🙂

  5. YUM! I’m all about chocolate and almond butter (since I can’t have peanut butter). Chocolate and nuts make the best combo!

  6. Looks absolutely delicious! I have seen the about time protein powder but never had it, though i hear good things.

  7. OOo I love AboutTIme protein! Excited about this shake and will have to use your code for an upcoming order. Thanks for sharing

  8. There’s always time for a classic! Looks great!

  9. This is pretty much the exact smoothie I make daily! 🙂 I need to use chia seeds more regularly though!

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