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Owlet Baby Monitor- Heart Rate Monitor for babies

Owlet Baby Monitor Review and Promo Code

Owlet Baby Monitor- Heart Rate Monitor for babies

Ok, first can we talk about those sweet little legs?  I have the skinniest kids but boy are we working on some leg rolls over here.  I just want to chew on them!  Anyways, I wanted to share with all you moms and dads a product that I truly believe in.  It’s called an Owlet baby monitor and it tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level.  If either is outside the norm, the monitor is designed to alert you.  This definitely helps me sleep better at night!  I’ve got a $20 off promo for you- just click on any link in this post to order!  It’s only good for a week so hurry 😉

Owlet Baby Monitor- Heart Rate Monitor for babies

So let’s go more into detail on this neat piece of technology.  The Owlet sock fits on your baby’s left foot and tracks both the heart rate and oxygen level.  The base station, as seen in the pic above, receives all of this information and sends it to your phone.  If the baby’s heart rate and/or oxygen level falls outside the norm both the base station AND your phone are designed to alert you. 

Owlet Baby Monitor- Heart Rate Monitor for babies

There are other monitors that claim to do the same as Owlet, BUT this is the ONLY monitor that uses pulse oximetry to record baby’s information.  This is what’s used in hospitals, so you know it’s the best.  Because of Hudson’s history with SVT (high heart rate) I feel a million and one times better having this monitor for Henley.  I only wish I’d had this when Hudson was born!  I probably would have gotten a LOT more sleep.  I honestly woke up every hour to check his heart rate with a stethoscope.  *Owlet is not a medical device and is not designed to replace medical monitors. We just don’t want to confuse any parents who could be looking for help that should otherwise consult their physician.

And this sock does not come off! We’ve been using it the past two weeks and have not had an issue with it falling off at all.  It’s got two velcro straps to insure it stays put.  All in all, this is one of my favorite baby items out there.  You can get it HERE with my $20 off code! 

6 thoughts on “Owlet Baby Monitor Review and Promo Code”

  1. Oh, wow!! I have never heard of a monitor that tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. That is so neat! That is so cool that all the info is sent to your phone and, in addition, it will alert you if the baby has any problems. I’ll pass on this coupon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve never heard of this! It probably would’ve helped me to sleep a little better when my son was born. He had temperature control issues and a heart condition, so I was always worried about him those first few months! Good to know this is out there if we have another 🙂

  3. OK, three things!
    1. We have a Hudson, and just LOVE that name!
    2. Our Hudson was born with a CHD known as Severe Pulmonary Stenosis, and spent the first 16 days in the Cardiac NICU at Mott Children’s Hospital. While there, he had several episodes of SVT!
    3. Really wish we had this when we brought him home. We are constantly worried about his oxygen saturation levels.

  4. Oh how I would have loved to have this for my triplets once they got home from the NICU! It would have definitely eased this worried mom’s heart!

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