Henley’s 2 Month Update

Baby 2 month update

My little princess is 2 months today.  Already!  She’s the itty bittiest little snuggle bug.  Seriously, she wants to be held all day.  And I find it very hard to get anything done.  But oh do I love those sweet baby snuggles.  The way she grabs onto my hair to fall asleep.  And how she wriggles until her feet are pressed against me to get warm.  Or how she coos and snores.    

Baby 2 month update

We’re still having a bit of colic, but it’s not as bad as it was.  Other than her fussy time from around 7-10 each night, she’s such a happy and sweet baby.  She loves looking at people’s faces and hearing them talk.  She’ll coo and smile at just about anybody!

Eating: All day!  She’s on a good 3 hour schedule until 7 when I cluster feed her until she falls asleep.  

Sleeping:  She takes one or two good naps a day and sleeps a 6-8 hours stretch at night, followed by another 4 hours after eating.  

Fun: Her coos and squinty eyed smiles are our happiness!!  And I swear she laughs in her sleep.  Such a little ball of sunshine.

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  1. Ahhhhh what an absolute cutie! So glad she’s doing well and she looks absolutely adorable in yellow xx adaatude.com

  2. Ok, I really think Matea and Henley are the same baby! She LOVES being held esp btwn 7pm-10pm and that’s usually when my hubby takes over for a bit so I can catch a break but he can’t do anything. haha! And she cluster feeds in the evening also. I don’t know if you have the Nap Nanny, but we used it for Marli and it helped her a lot with her reflux/colic. I remembered it was the worst btwn 6 weeks-12 weeks and got better after that. Keep posting those pics of her! She’s presh 🙂

  3. AW!!! What a doll!!!! Love the name Henley.

  4. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful!! I love her little dress!

  5. It seems like just yesterday mine was that little! Baby snuggles are the best (although toddler snuggles are pretty rad, too). Love these pics – absolutely adorable!

  6. How sweet!! I feel like I was literally just reading her birth story, but I guess it has been two months! Adorable 🙂

  7. Love her!! Tova has colic and reflux too… it’s so frustrating. I finally gave up on crib sleeping and now she’s (VERY happily) sleeping in the rock n’ play and she’s not up all night long. It’s so much better. I love Hen’s little yellow dress, she’s ready for spring!

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