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Lifestyle Family Photos

Lifestyle Family Photos

Lifestyle Family Photos

One can never have too many photos!  I absolutely love these lifestyle family photos by my dearest Joleen Pete Photography.  Look how itty Henley was!  Wait, she’s still tiny.  But awww how I love how Joleen captured her squishy newborn sweetness in these photos.  And how very much love there is in my little family.

Lifestyle Family PhotosLifestyle Family Photos

Let me tell you, Jason is the biggest softie for this little girl.  I am TERRIFIED of when she’s older because he is going to spoil her rotten. Absolutely rotten.Lifestyle Family Photos

Even Hudson is smitten kitten over her.  He’s always rubbing her head, giving her kisses, and helping me change her diaper etc.  Even now when she’s colicky and crying he asks “What’s wrong my baby??”  And the way his sweet little voice says “Hemwey” is enough to make me melt. 

Lifestyle Family PhotosLifestyle Family Photos

We may fight over who gets to hold her. I normally win.  Because I have the boobs.  

Lifestyle Family Photos Lifestyle Family Photos

Anddd I kiss those sweet luscious lips about a million times a day.  I love this age because there is NOTHING she can do about it! Poor girl. 



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  1. These pictures are precious! It is so important to capture family moments that you will treasure now and years from now. Baby’s outfit is adorable too!

  2. They are so precious. We also had lifestyle photos done for Olivia when she was born. I’m so glad we chose that instead of the posed newborn ones. They’ll definitely be ones to cherish.

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