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Ab Exercises: The Ultimate Postpartum Workout with Baby

Working Out with Baby Ab Exercises - Ab Exercises: The Ultimate Postpartum Workout with Baby by Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

I absolutely love my postpartum workout with my kids.  Not only do I get to spend some quality time with them, but it shows at an early age how important exercise is.  Henley is getting to that fun stage where she wants to look at and be a part of everything.  So when I work out with her, she just coos and laughs- which makes it that much more enjoyable.  I’ve put together a couple ab exercises that you can do as a postpartum workout with your baby below.  

Ab Exercises- Postpartum Workout with Baby: 3 great workouts to get your abs in shape!

Working Out with Baby Ab Exercises - Ab Exercises: The Ultimate Postpartum Workout with Baby by Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

I also wanted to share a postpartum workout item that I am absolutely loving right now:  these Bao Bei Postpartum Core Support Yoga Shorts.  They have a support band that wraps around your entire abdomen.  It’s built with tech fabric that helps support your abdominal muscles throughout your exercise routine.  This cuts down on the possibility of injury, a well as reminds you to contract your core as you exercise.  I’ve noticed a huge difference as I get back into my harder workouts.  I love these so much, I’m giving away a pair on Instagram!  Go here to enter.  

And now for your ab exercises: 

Working Out with Baby Ab Exercises - Ab Exercises: The Ultimate Postpartum Workout with Baby by Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

Forearm Plank with Hip Dips- Do 3 sets of 30.  Make sure your hip bone actually touches the ground. 

Plank to Pike– 3 sets of 15.  This is a phenomenal abdominal and arm workout!  Make sure to slowly move through each motion.  This isn’t a race.  Try counting to 5 as you go up to pike, and 5 as you go back down to plank. 

Side Plank with Leg Lift- 3 sets of 10.  Great exercise for getting those obliques back!  Again, move slowly.  The leg lift should take you 6 seconds total- 3 seconds to lift and 3 seconds to lower. 

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  1. Cute pictures! My friend does yoga and her son like to climb all over her while she doing poses. It’s funny.

  2. Wow your amazing girlie. I love that your showing other moms that you can still workout even after having a baby.

  3. brianna george says:

    I used to do this with my little guy He loved doing pushups:)

  4. I love working out with my son. He likes to be held and moved all around so I use him as a “weight” for upper body strength training.

  5. I’m super impressed with some of your yoga moves!! She won’t stand for it to hang out with me when I work out because of how mobile she is, but we definitely get our cardio on with our dance parties!

  6. You are a beast!!! I love these workouts with kids. So inspirational.

  7. I love that Henley is content to hang out and and keep you company while you get your core on 😉

  8. i love wireless headphones as they can make such a difference when working out. this exercise for the abs looks very manageable so i’ll give it a go.

  9. I’ve been doing more planking and these variations are no joke! Great job on them!

  10. I’ve been wanting to get back into trying yoga. It’s been years since I have done it. I need to look into those wireless headphones!

  11. What a fun way to workout with your baby. I could have used this post 8 years ago!

  12. First, gorgeous blog! Secondly, sign me up for these exercises. Quick and easy are my requirements and I like that these can be done anywhere.

  13. You two are adorable! Way to set such a great example for little Henley! She is going to grow up strong just like her mama!

  14. Lovely pics….it’s funny cos you can workout with a baby and I’m not able to workout when my Mia (9 months old black lab) is around, can you believe that? 😀

  15. Love the photos! This is a great set of ab exercises. I seriously dread side planks but only because I struggle with them so much – which just means I need to work them in more often!

  16. Awesome that you’re working out with your baby. You’re a multi-tasking maven! And isn’t that what motherhood is about? By the way, I love the side plank. I alternate sides and then hold a regular plank before dropping into Chaturanga. It’s great for the whole body!

  17. Ok, I really need to start working out…. this may make it easier 🙂

  18. I love this so much! Adorable baby – strong Mama!! Great moves here with or without baby!
    Also, I will have to check out those wireless headphones! 🙂

  19. Go mama! I should have done that with Sophie but she wasn’t the most cooperative.

    liz @ j for joiner

  20. Wow! This is inspiring! I’m working on getting back in shape, my kids are 2 &4. I’ve been doing a combination of Zumba & Insanity 30. Love to see other moms getting it in!

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