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I'm the Reason My Mom Drinks

I’m the Reason my Mom Drinks with Butter Chardonnay

I'm the Reason My Mom Drinks

I joke that after a hard day with the kids, I’m downing a bottle of wine.  Really it’s only a glass or two because I’m breastfeeding.  But what I haven’t talked about yet are the things I’ve put my poor mother through!  

So this Mother’s Day I’m giving her wine, because I’m the reason she drinks!  Scroll down for funny stories of the shenanigans I got into as a kid.


As for the type of wine I’m gifting to my sweet mama, I’m giving her Butter Chardonnay.  Only the best for the best!  She’s extremely picky about her white wine, and this Butter does not disappoint!  It’s got a smooth and buttery flavor, with a sprinkling of vanilla added in.  It pairs well with almost any meal and is the perfect way to wind down after a crazy and hectic day.  

I'm the Reason My Mom Drink

So let’s talk about the things my poor mother has had to put up with from me.  Oh where to start?  As a child I LOVED drama.  That probably comes as no surprise, right?  I would host dance recitals and plays constantly and my poor mother would sit through every single one.  I’m pretty sure I reenacted every single Disney princess story five times over.  And I absolutely adored Michael Jackson, so Thriller was on repeat for a good year.  

After she had my brother, I loved to dress him in girl clothes and make him clean the house when she wasn’t looking.  Actually I should probably get him a bottle of Butter too, just as an “I’m sorry for torturing you as a child.” 

And OH THE DRAMA as a teenager.  I know hormones are a crazy thing, but I put that poor woman through the ringer.  I was constantly crying over something, whether it was a bad grade or a boy problem.  And speaking of boy problems, I cringe to think of some of the boys I brought home for her to meet.  Mom, I’m sorry.  Obviously I got better tastes as I got older.

Not to mention all the times I got into car “incidents”.  Like the time I ran dad’s Mercedes into the mailbox.  Or when I got a ticket for going 26 over and I almost went to jail.  Or even that time I rear ended that sweet old couple at Target.

I'm the Reason My Mom Drinks

But through the dance recitals, bad boyfriends, car troubles, and now baby woes, she’s been my rock.  So CHEERS mom!  Here’s a glass for every time I made you want to cry/ rip your hair out/run away.  I love you to the moon and back and so do the kids.

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15 thoughts on “I’m the Reason my Mom Drinks with Butter Chardonnay”

  1. Haha great post! I put my parents through I ringer as well! I destroyed my moms car with multiple fender benders my first year driving. And got a ticket for going 22 over and lost my license when I was only 17 and had only had it a year! My mom doesn’t drink but I’m sure I made her want to! Hahaha

  2. Moms are awesome! They definitely deserve a day of being honored and celebrated and what better way than with wine?!? I may need to get my mom a bottle or two of this. It sounds Heavenly!

  3. Awe. Those pictures are so sweet. I think I put my Mom through way too much too. It’s funny now that I’m a mom, I totally get where she was coming from, and wish I could take back some of my bad behavior. That wine sound delicious.

  4. I think its safe to say, you’re not the only one who’s put your mum through the ringer. Your mum is just the cutest!!!!!

  5. Haha! Moms are the best!!! What a cute post- hopefully someday our kids will do the same for us. Haha 😉 What a cute post!

  6. I love this post! I definitely should have gotten my mom champagne for Mother’s Day too because I’m without a doubt the reason that she drinks LOL.


  7. My mom would love this! She’s a Chardonnay drinker. Your stories made me laugh. Sounds about like what I put my mom through, plus a belly button ring! Lol

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