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Plank Challenge

Plank Challenge with New Chapter Vitamins

Plank Challenge

This week is all about health and fitness!  Today, I’m sharing a killer plank challenge AND my favorite postnatal vitamins.  Postpartum is a rough time in general, but I’ve found exercise and good nutritional supplements help me get through the worst of it.  Please note, do not do planks until you’ve been cleared by your doctor!  If you have Diastasis Recti (ab separation) DO NOT do this challenge.

Plank Challenge Plank Challenge Plank Challenge

Plank Challenge and why I love New Chapter Vitamins:

First, let’s talk about these vitamins.  New Chapter Vitamins are ORGANIC.  Yes!  Certified organic and Non-GMO certified vitamins.  New Chapter takes a whole food approach to vitamins.  And they have different vitamins for each stage of life.  There are Every Woman’s Daily Multivitamin, Prenatal and Postnatal vitamins.  I wish I’d known about the prenatal when I was pregnant with Henley.  The Perfect Postnatal Multivitamins, though, I am LOVING. 

This is my first time getting to exclusively breastfeed, and I didn’t realize how important nutrition was for keeping my supply up and my body happy.  Although taking prenatal vitamins works well, a postnatal vitamin focuses on lactation support.  Which is exactly what I experienced with these New Chapter Vitamins!  Some nutrients found in this product are: Iodine, B6, and Vitamin D3.  These are essential in supporting energy AND lactation*.  What I appreciate though, is the extra dose of Iron.  I wasn’t iron deficient while pregnant, but now that I’m breastfeeding I’ve been bruising like a peach!  These vitamins have the Happily Hughes Stamp of Approval.  You can find them at Amazon.com.  Now time for your challenge:

Plank Challenge

This plank challenge will last for a month!  I believe planks are the BEST workout for whittling the waist.  So here is how the challenge will go: The above is your first week.  On week two, add 15 seconds to each circuit.  Week three, add another 15.  And week four add an additional fifteen.  So on the last week you should be holding each plank for 1:15.  You can do it and I promise you’ll see a difference in that waistline

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32 thoughts on “Plank Challenge with New Chapter Vitamins”

  1. I used to be such a crunches girl, but planks are no joke! I have yet to find an exercise that gives you such a great core workout. And after losing all core strength thanks to my pregnancy, and I was so happy to get back to doing them. But that side leg raise plank is killer!

  2. This looks like an amazing challenge. I find planks are great for just about every muscle. I’m going to have to try this one for sure!

  3. Wow, they didn’t have postnatal vitamins when I had my kids many years ago. Also, great challenge! I’m not very good at planks, but they seem to work your core so well! I really need to work at them and build up that muscle group!

  4. Vitamins are so important to take! I always took them as a kid and now I’ve recently started taking them again as an adult. Planks are such a great workout. I’ll def have to try this challenge!

  5. These are fantastic! Planks are one of my weaknesses. I love the bootcamp classes at the gym but always fall over during planks. 😉

  6. I love planks. I was doing them a lot after I gave birth to my first daughter. They are really helpful. I love your plank suggestions.
    I gave birth to my second daughter just 5 weeks ago. And I can’t wait to have my 6 weeks postpartum check to start exercising again.
    And I definitely need to get those vitamins in, I’ve never took postnatal vitamins though. It worths checking.

  7. That’s a pretty awesome plank you’re holding! i’m actually doing this 30-day plank challenge myself. Definitely NOT easy, but I’m totally seeing improvement not only in my stamina to hold a plank, but also in my arm strength 🙂

  8. Good to know this brand is out there. After I had my little one, I had to go dairy free while breastfeeding and ended up pretty deficient in Vitamin D. It’s nice to be aware of different supplement options for situations like that!

  9. I am in the middle of a plank challenge right now, but thankfully there’s nothing quite as terrifying as that side plank leg lift! YIKES! It’s going great, though, and there are some tough ones included.

  10. Love this post mama! My plank game is so sad right now! C-section deliveries do a number on your abs 🙁 Gonna add this to my workout and hopefully work up to a minute in a few weeks.

  11. This is an awesome challenge and I am def in need of getting in some core work! This is my first time being able to exclusively breastfeed so these vitamins seem like a good option.

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