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Postpartum Skincare

Postpartum Skincare

Postpartum Skincare

Pregnancy sure does a number on a woman’s body.  The stretching, the hormones, not to mention the stretch marks or busted blood vessels.  Or both, if you’re lucky. After having two babies, my skin was saggy (I hate that word) and dry.  I’ve been working to get it back to it’s healthy glow, as well as tighten the skin as much as possible.  These tips and tricks are what helped me with my postpartum skincare. 

Postpartum Skincare- how to tighten skin after babies. 

Postpartum Skincare

I’m sure you’ve all heard of coffee scrubs- I’ve been using one since I became pregnant with Hudson.  I’ve been using Scrub Love specifically since having Henley and I LOVE IT.  It’s a 100% natural and organic coffee body scrub that smells like heaven!  The Scrub Love Coconut Affair is my favorite of the three products to choose from.  I use coconut oil every day for oil pulling and skin hydration, so I love that it’s also in this coffee scrub.  The other ingredients include:

  • Ground organic coffee- a great gentle exfoliator that promotes blood circulation as well. 
  • Coconut flakes- adds potassium and magnesium to soothe skin. 
  • Coconut milk- copper and Vitamin C promote skin elasticity.

Scroll down for my other postpartum skin tips!

Postpartum Skincare

  • Exercise- come on, you knew this was coming.  Specifically weight lifting.  Not only is exercise important for internal health, it helps increase your circulation to your skin, which promotes elasticity and that healthy glow. 
  • Increase protein and vegetables.  Protein inhibits muscle growth, which will support your skin.  Fibrous vegetables contain Vitamin C and Vitamin D which are extremely important in retaining skin elasticity. 
  • Hydration- Drink plenty of water!  I drink up to a gallon a day.  Staying hydrated will prevent water retention (seems confusing but I promise it’s true). 
  • Moisturize- Use a lotion that contains Vitamin E and collagen at least once a day.  When rubbing it in, make sure to actually massage the skin.  This will promote circulation, plus it feels good.  Take those extra five minutes to take care of your largest organ. 

Postpartum Skincare

This post was sponsored by Scrub love. 

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  1. I’m right there with you trying to get my skin back to my normal after having a little one! I am definitely going to be trying this scrub!!

  2. Alaina Bullock

    I cannot wait to give this a try! You’re right – having kids really does mess your skin up!

  3. I wish I encountered this after I gave birth to the twins years ago. Exercise definitely helps tighten your skin and it puts you back into shape as well. These are very helpful tips!

  4. I had stretch marks but nothing that was really depressing or ugly. I guess I was still pretty lucky. I didn’t do any postpartum skincare back then though. I was too lazy.

  5. This is so nice, I will share this with my sister. She gave birth 3 months ago so she will love this.

  6. You still look nice, I will recommend this to my friends. I am so sure that they will hurry and buy this!

  7. Courtney Gillard

    I never thought that it is a necessity to take care of your skin after giving birth. This is a very nice idea.

  8. My biggest downfall is forgetting to moisturize my skin…it makes so much sense! How do you like the oil pulling?

  9. Leigh Anne Borders

    Such a great post. It is so important to take care of your skin. I would love to check out this product.

  10. That sounds like an interesting product. I do love using scrubs too. I bet this one is amazing!

  11. These are really great. I am going to share these with my neighbor who just had a baby.

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