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Comfy Loungewear with Haynes

Comfy Loungewear with Hanes

Comfy Loungewear with Hanes

As a business woman, mom of 2, and workout fanatic I have to have comfortable undergarments.  I’ve been a lover of Hanes since I was a little girl and went to pick out my first pair of underwear, and I’ve been wearing them ever since.  Nowadays I want to feel confident even in my workout clothes, and having soft yet supportive bras and undergarments always help me feel better.

Comfy Loungewear with Hanes

In my day to day I typically wear workout clothes.  Why?  Well for one, it insures that I’ll make it to the gym that day.  Two, they’re the easiest garments to chase after my crazy three year old in.  And three, I LOVE workout gear!  Some women collect purses, I collect spandex.  And I feel sexy in it.  But I only feel my best if my bras and undies are also comfy and are able to move with me.  

Comfy Loungewear with Hanes






     This Hanes Ultimate Comfy Support Comfortflex Fit Wire Free Bra is the BOMB for my day to day, and even exercising!  The Comfortflex is made of a smart fabric that fits to your body, so no need to worry overmuch about sizing.  It’s ComfortBlend lining gives the ladies support while also leaving the silhouette smooth and shapely.  But what I really appreciate is the lack of a tag on the inside- those things drive me nuts.  In a nutshell, this bra screams comfydence!  And at around $30.00 a pop, it’s a steal.  Make sure to use this link to get special discounts.

Comfy Loungewear with Hanes

Cool Comfort® Cotton Bikini Panties are another favorite.  I don’t typically wear bikini panties, but these are an exception to the rule.  For one, I love the cute prints these come in.  Secondly, they’re breathable and light so I don’t even realize I’m wearing full underwear.  And last, these also don’t have tags so no annoying itch.  You can get 6 for $13.00 so make sure to check it out here

What’s your favorite Hanes style?

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  1. That crop top looks so comfy, I’m currently pregnant and I am looking for all the comfy clothes I can get! I’ll definitley need to give these a look…

  2. Oh man, those bras look so comfy! I may have to look into those for after I give birth! I’m not a fan of how nursing bras look, so I think these would be a great alternative

  3. I love comfortable too, and like you if I’m wearing my gym clothes I usually work out to some degree. That bra looks comfortable. That’s a must for working out.

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