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Baby and Toddler Meals (Chicco Giveaway)


So one of the things I wasn’t prepared for with two kids was making three separate dinners a day.  One for Hudson, one for Jason and I, and one for baby.  That became WAY too much work, so I started coming up with meals that we could ALL eat together.  

Baby and Toddler Meals- meals you can make for both your baby and toddler! 

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So here is my list of 10 meals you can make for your baby and toddler: 

  1. Chicken, steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes.  Hudson loves this meal, and it gives him tons of nutrients.  I put cheese on his broccoli. but leave it off of Henleys.  With Henley I mash the sweet potatoes and broccoli together and feed it to her with a spoon.  Then I give her some shredded up chicken. 
  2. Zoodles with chicken and marinara.  Another family favorite that can be modified for the baby.  I shred the chicken and cut up the zoodles for her and leave the marinara off.
  3. Pancakes and egg white scramble.  We make some delicious protein pancakes here are the Hughes’ household.  You can find the recipe here.  I don’t add the peanut butter or chocolate chips for Henley.  And the egg whites just have a little salt and pepper in them.
  4. Garlic chicken, greens beans, and roasted potatoes.  I mush the potatoes and shred the chicken for Henley and the rest of us eat it as is. 
  5. Turkey burgers.  My husband grills all the burgers for us and I break one up for Henley and give her some bits of a bun as well.
  6. Chicken fried rice.  My husband makes the most delicious fried rice with soy sauce and a little sriracha.  He sets aside some of the rice and chicken before he fries it for little mis and we’re set!
  7. Bacon, tomato and spinach quinoa pasta.  I cook up some quinoa pasta and add parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, spinach and chopped up bacon.  I give everything but the bacon to Henley. 
  8. Turkey breast, mashed potatoes and asparagus.  
  9. Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I also use my quinoa pasta for my noodle soup so it’s extra healthy for the family.  I do not give henley the grilled cheese. 
  10. Salmon, Farro and Roasted Broccoli.  All perfect for the whole family. 

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What else makes dinner time so much easier are these Chicco Polly Progress5 high chairs.  For one, I love that both of my kids can sit in this one high chair.  It actually has 5 uses- newborn recliner, infant highchair, toddler booster, big kid booster, and youth stool.  Hudson gets kind of jealous of Henley’s high chair so we still put him in his own when he asks for it.  But other days we remove the seat and just leave it as a booster for him.  Because the high chair portion removes, it’s a great travel item!  I can actually take one Chicco Polly Progress5 on vacation with me and I have both a high chair for Henley and a booster seat for Hudson.  You can get this high chair at chiccoshop.com and Babies R Us for a suggested retail price of $199.99!

But what I really love about this chair are the following: 1. The 5 point harness.  This keeps baby safe and in her chair.  2. The removable tray liner and seat.  Both can be easily rinsed off which makes my day-to-day simpler. 3. It folds down into the most compact traveling piece in it’s class.  I am absolutely loving this Chicco Polly Progress5 high chair!  Which is why I’m giving one away.  To enter use the rafflecopter below:  

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