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home gym under 100

I love having the ability to work out at home.  I’ve bought and returned so many different pieces of gym equipment to properly stock my home gym that I wanted to share with you so you didn’t make the same mistakes I have!  I’ve rounded up exactly what you need to start your home gym, and the best part is it’s under $100 total!  Then I’ve broken down other items you CAN buy down the road once your fitness regimen has evolved. I actually got fitness fitouts to come over and build/design my gym for me, I love it even more now!  

Home Gym for Under $100

Home Gym Under $100

To start your home gym you will need: 

  • 15 lb Kettlebell– All you’ll need to get started.  It’ll probably be a little heavy for you at first but you’ll quickly build up to it.
  • 8, 10, and 12 lb weights– Seriously all you need to start out!  You can buy more weights as you progress.
  • Resistance Bands– This set is AMAZING!  It comes with every resistance you need, as well as a door anchor, ankle straps and band handles.  And it’s only $30!
  • Stability Ball– I love this brand and it’s 50% off so yay for everyone.
  • Foam Roller– I cannot recommend foam rolling more. It’s so good for breaking up lactic acid, which in turn lowers your water retention.

What you CAN buy later on down the road: 

  • Adjustable Kettlebell 10-40lbs– This is for when you’ve built your strength up and are ready to try new workouts with more weight! 
  • Bosu Ball– You definitely don’t need a Bosu to start out, but I love doing Bosu workouts!  They’re great for every single body part- arms, legs, abs.  I’ll be doing a Bosu workout later this month so you can see it’s variability.
  • Bowflex Adjustable Weights and Bench– Another add on for later down the road.  I just splurged on this for myself so if I can’t make it to the gym I can still do my full weightlifting routine at home.

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14 Responses

  1. I rarely work out at home since I work at a gym, but I agree that these are all great tools for a home gym. Fitness equipment can get expensive. When I did work out at home, I had the basics, stability ball and weights. And I do still keep a foam roller at home. ?

  2. We have a bowflex, but I mostly use it for the bench since I prefer free weights. I agree with all of your suggestions but would add a bench. 🙂

  3. Great selection. These are all super versatile and perfect for a variety of different exercises. Plus, they are all small enough to store easily without leading to clutter.

  4. I’m a stay at home mom of two. A six year old boy and a six month old girl. I am also a below the knee amputee so gyms make me very uncomfortable and self conscious because of my leg. I am 40 pounds over weight at 26. When I got pregnant with my son I weighed 105. I don’t want to be “skinny or thin” I want to be healthy and fit. Any helpful advise would be helpful. Please help me

  5. I think I need these home gym supplies. I’m so lazy to visit the gym and I am into privacy.