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Halloween Painted Pots

Halloween Painted Pots

Halloween Painted Pots

Momma Mac (mor-mora) here with a fun craft that you can do with the wee ones this Halloween.  It’s fun to watch children create and experience the joy of giving.


Painting and decorating terra cotta pots for Halloween makes a great gift for that special teacher or even the sweet old lady next door.  You can even fill them with sweet treats or their favorite potted plant!

Here is what you need for your Halloween Painted Pots:


  1. Paint inside and out of the terra cotta pots and base with your orange craft paint.  
  2. Allow to dry, then draw halloween faces with permanent black magic marker.  
  3. Add soil and seeds for your health conscious recipient and some chocolates for others.


  Be creative, and enjoy each season crafting with family and friends.  Best times of my life!

Halloween Painted Pots

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  1. Super cute! I would love to make these with my boys. I’m sure they would love the ones with candy and my husband would like a potted plant.

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