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Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo

Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo

Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo

So many of you asked for this hair tutorial, so here it is!  This is my Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo.  I can actually wear it for two days.  The first day I leave it half up, and the second day I wrap my remaining hair into a bun.  It’s simple, easy, and super cute!  I’ve also linked my favorite products for you below.

Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo

Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo

To do this hairstyle: 

  1. Separate the top half of your hair into three sections- 2 sides and the center.  Pull back the two sides and secure them with a hair tie.
  2. Dutch braid the center of your hair.  I highly recommend adding dry shampoo and teasing before braiding.  This allows for more volume!  Tie off braid with a clear hair tie.  Obviously I ran out 😉 
  3. Repeat step 2 for your left side.  Again make sure to tease and dry shampoo your hair before braiding.  
  4. Repeat step 2 for right side. 
  5. Hairspray all 3 braids and let sit for 5 minutes.  Then pull on the braids to poof slightly.  

*AS I mentioned, you can prolong this hairdo by wearing it for a second day.  All you need to do is wrap your loose hair up in a messy bun!  I recommend using a clear hair tie for this as well. 

And here are my favorite styling products:


24 thoughts on “Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo”

  1. WHAT?! I am SO not great at doing my hair. I have 2 go-tos: down and curly or up in a bun. Sometimes I’ll wear it down and straight, sometimes the bun is ballet-style, while other times it’s messy, sometimes I may braid my hair but it’s usually when I’m about to go for a run. I admire people who can do their hair like this; it’s gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness this looks SO CUTE. I wish I had that much hair, but alas, mine is too short and too thin to do anything like that. Your braids turned out gorgeous, though!!

  3. I love the way this looks! I definitely need to start trying more braids!! I’ve never been great at them, but I know I just need to keep trying them!

  4. Gorgeous! I’ll give this a try but I’m notoriously bad at braiding my own hair.. and not sure if I can get my boyfriend to do it for me :’)

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