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Toyota Camry- The Perfect Family Road Trip Car

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Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee

I had the pleasure of taking a new Toyota Camry on a little family road trip this weekend.  Our destination?  The Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee.  I typically drive an SUV, so I was a bit nervous about navigating a sedan, not to mention fitting our two car seats and loads of luggage into it.  Neither of those were an issue, and I loved driving this sweet ride! 

The Toyota Camry- A Perfect Family Road Trip Car

Toyota Camry Road Trip Car

To start, we went to the Sandy Springs Rick Hendrick’s Toyota dealership to pick up our weekend car.  They were so helpful!  If you’re ever over there, ask for Allen,  He’s a true gem.  He helped us load up and we hit the road.


trunkspacetoyotacamry toyotalogopicture toyotacamrytrunkspace toyotacamryshoppingpicture

I was astonished with how much room this car has!  Look at all the space in the backseat.  Even with two convertible car seats, we had plenty of space in the back AND leg room up front.  But my favorite part of this car?  The extra large trunk.  I don’t even have this much room in my SUV!  We fit two suitcases, a stroller, two bags, and a baby carrier in there with room to spare.  Which was my excuse to go shopping- there’s no reason for there to be room in the trunk!

toyotacamrynavigationsystem toyotacamryaccessories

I also really enjoyed the large displays both in the dashboard and the navigation system.  I could easily see how many miles I had left, as well as what songs or podcasts I had playing.  By the way, is anyone else as obsessed with Criminal as I am?  Such a cool show to listen to while the kids are passed out.


Speaking of passed out kids, both were down for the count on our drive down to the resort and back.  That’s never happened in the history of ever.  No joke.  Hudson has quit napping, and Henley hates being in the car.  But for some reason they both fell asleep.  Maybe it’s how smooth the Camry drives, or how quiet it is.  Either way I truly enjoyed those two hours to myself!  

If you’re looking for a great family car, I can’t recommend the Toyota Camry enough!  And if you’re in Georgia, definitely stop by the Sandy Springs Toyota dealership

12 thoughts on “Toyota Camry- The Perfect Family Road Trip Car”

  1. Love it! I know some people hate being stuck in the car for hours, but I actually love road trips. When my husband and I drive up to NJ to visit my family (an 8 hour drive) we often leave at night just so we can have peace while our son sleeps the whole way. Looks like a comfy ride for your kiddos!

  2. You’re near me, just north of Atlanta! I haven’t been to the Lake Oconee Ritz yet but my husband and I are planning to for our next anniversary! It looks like little guy loved the car as much as you!

  3. Wow ! There really is a lot of room in the Toyota Camry! I am a bit surprised by that. I know that Toyotas are super reliable as a few of my friends have them and love them!

  4. Looks like a really great car for a lot of reasons! The XL trunk is a great part of this vehicle (especially if it can hold all of your little kid gear with more room to spare!) along with the navigation system! And got your kids to nap too? Must be a really smooth ride!

  5. Wow it looks so spacious! We’re looking for a new car for my hubby. It has to have enough room for carseats and a stroller. This looks great!

  6. I had a Corolla years ago and loved it. It was compact, yet had so much room. Since it was just me and my dog, I didn’t need the extra space the Camry offers, but it’s nice to know that if I do, the Camry has it.

  7. I love this car! It is little — but packs a punch. 🙂 I loved how much you could fit inside of it. It is SO spacious for a car. I am not in the market for a car right now but my hubs is so we will have to check it out.

  8. Your son is getting so big! I think this is a cute ride even if it is a sedan for a family. Looks trendy and fun and I am glad it was a smooth ride for your family!

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