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Basement Renovation Movie Room with Apt2B (Giveaway)

Touchdown Family Movie Room

This sure has been a labor of love.  Our basement renovation is FINALLY underway, and phase 1 is complete!  Our Movie Room is finished!  It took lots of elbow grease and hard work from my hubby, along with some pretty fabulous furniture from Apt2B, but it all come together and I couldn’t love it more!  If you couldn’t give two hoots about our movie room makeover, scroll to the bottom for the $400 giveaway.

Basement Renovation Movie Room Makeover with Apt2B

First, let me show you what we were working with:  


Yes, that’s what our basement looked like.  Poor air conditioning placement, bad wiring, and terrible lighting, just to name a few issues.  So the hubbs and I sat down and started brainstorming about what we wanted to do with this little space.  We both love watching movies, so a movie room was an easy conclusion.  As you can see, it turned into a cozy nook that our entire family enjoys!


What really got us excited about the movie room was this couch from Apt2B.  If you’ve never shopped Apt2B, you are sorely missing out!  The couch is so comfortable that my husband and I have both fallen asleep on it, and the ottomans make it easy for everyone to stretch out and relax.  As a mom, I also really appreciate the material, as it makes cleaning spills and stains easy and stress-free.

pier1decorandcandles parentsandkidsmovieroomfun

Apt2B is made-in-the-USA homegrown fabulousness.  The co-founders wanted to create simplistic yet stylish furniture pieces for any and all sized rooms.  You can see from their many designs that sleek and sophisticated is the name of the game.  And the best part, they’re giving away a $400 gift card!  Scroll down to enter and good luck to all!! 

glitter pillow fur blankets decorandbasementrenovation


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66 thoughts on “Basement Renovation Movie Room with Apt2B (Giveaway)”

  1. Wow – congrats on this major renovation! It really is a big job, huh? Your couch looks so super cozy and I am dying over the color of it! The simplistic yet stylish nature of the Apt2B is fabulous!! Totally checking them out.

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  3. amazing! I’ve been a fan of yours for a while- I actually have an Apt2B sofa too that I got a few years ago. It has studs on the arms so it’s a different style than this one but got wonderful service from them. We all love it! congrats on the new space.

  4. This is so cool, and I’ve been seeing more renovation type posts recently which is so cool! I’d love to renovate a few things, but mostly the kitchen. How nice it would be to create an even better space for us, but I love what you’ve done in your basement. What a fun space! xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. Wow!! It all looks so great! We’re about to move and most of the places we’ve looked at have unfinished basements. I’d love to do it up myself!

  6. What a great couch, I totally want one, it would be so great in a theater room!! I also love the colors!

  7. Don’t mind me while I just sit over here OBSESSING over your couch! The color, the size…it’s basically just perfection!

  8. Can I come over? It looks nice and I love the way you decorated it. Thank you kindly for the opportunity! Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Thanks So Very Much for this Amazing Apt 2 B Giveaway, I Really Appreciate it! I Could Really Use this b/c I Have Been Trying to Redecorate My Bedroom but I’m Short on Funds b/c I’m Not Currently Working! I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Accident and I Hurt My Neck & Back So I Can’t Currently Work So it Would Be Such a Blessing to Win and It Would BE the Best Christmas Present Ever! I Love Apt2B Too, I Have a Ton of Their Stuff Saved to My Pinterest Board So if I Could Actually Purchase Some of Those Things Would Be a Dream! Well Thanks Again for the Chance, Have a Blessed Day & a Very Happy Holidays!

  10. Reesa Lewandowski

    Wow what an awesome renovation!!!!!!! I am loving the whole look and feel! I have never seen a couch that color before! It’s so beautiful!

  11. I really love this bright blue color you chose. It brightens up the whole room and the textures of the gray and fur pillows are so luxurious.

  12. Looks SO awesome! I love redecorating. I think it is so neat to see a room look completely transformed from what it was before. I wish I could see a before!

  13. Omg just loving everything you have done with the room!!!! That blanket looks so cosy too!!! I need a blanket like that!

  14. That room looks so comfy. My husband and I are planning on making a theater room when we build our house in a couple years that couch looks comfier than the ones he’s been looking at

  15. We don’t have a basement where we live, in new mexico, its pretty rare to have one. Although if we did, my husband would be all over this DIY guide! Nicely done! It looks amazing and your hubby looks just as excited as your kids haha!

  16. What a gorgeous and cozy space! I love everything about it. the colours are my favourite too… I really love the candle holders they are really neat!

  17. Thank you so much I have been emailing you back to try to figure out how to get my prize..can you please email me back ty again.

  18. I’d love to have a movie room. I think it would turn into a man cave though. My husband loves movies and video games. I never have the time to watch an entire movie.

  19. I would love a basement in my house for this exact reason. I love how you’ve decorated the place, the introcya details really help. It looks so snug!

  20. My husband and I are about to move into a new house soon. One of the things we’re all hoping to find is a huge basement so we can turn it into a nice movie room like this!

  21. You created an amazing and stylish place for your family. If we had a basement like thus, I would not see my husband and cat much. They would totally occupy it. Lol

  22. the basement reno looks amazing but that coach!!! You can add the whole family and more and it’s clean lines really keep it simple but elegant for a basement. LOVE IT!

  23. YES to this basement renovation! I love the outcome and that sofa is to die for, it’s perfect for the movie room. It’s cozy and the color is warm on the eyes. Good job on renovating your basement!

  24. Oh to have a dry basement! Our house was built circa 1880’s and there is no way I could finish a room down there. But this, this is what I want! I love the color of that couch, seriously amazing.

  25. How cool is this! We love your sofa… or as we call it, couch bed. The color is vibrant and cool and it looks comfy to snuggle up and watch a movie marathon. Congrats on the renovation!

  26. Wow that is one gorgeous basement. I love the colors you chose. It looks so comfy. Hope you make lots of beautiful memories there.

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