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Tiny Love 1-2-3 Here I Grow Play Gym

This post is sponsored by Tiny Love.  All thoughts are my own. 


Ok how many moms out there bought a play gym for their firstborn?  Me too.  Then I was disappointed that he only played with it for 2 months and moved on.  The problem with play gyms is that they don’t grow with the baby.  Or they didn’t.  Enter the Tiny Love 1-2-3 Here I Grow Play Gym

Tiny Love 1-2-3 Here I Grow Play Gym

Play Gym that Grows with Baby

This play gym has an unheard of range of 0-18 months.  For the first 6 months, baby can lay on the mat and enjoy all the fun hanging accessories and colors.  It also comes with a tummy time pillow and a brightly colored mat to encourage tummy time!  Once your child can sit up, they can enjoy a whole new aspect of the gym.  The top lowers down so babe can throw the rattle balls into the hoops!  This is a great way for your little one to work on their core strength while also having fun. 

Tiny Love Play Gym Accessories Baby Play Gym Play Time

The third stage of the Gymini Here I Grow is the standing and walking mode- where Henley is at now.  You can lengthen the legs of the hoop and make it taller so babe has to stand to throw the balls into the hoop.  Or they can lay the ball down on the outer edge of the circle and it will spiral down into the hole.  Henley also loves playing with the adorable sliding animals on the outside of the legs.  


As always, Tiny Love is both innovative and fun.  This is definitely something I will be gifting to my friends when they’re expecting


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  1. Looks like Henley is having fun! I love that this activity centre grows with baby. I wish I had of done more research before baby arrived and selected items that would grow with her – our house is now overflowing in toys and other items she no longer uses!

  2. I’m glad to see a play gym for babies that will adjust as baby grows. I have four children and when each child was a baby, I used a play gym for them. Like you, I was disappointed that it only lasted for a couple of months. This play gym looks like it is a perfect fit for growing babies.

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