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My Real Wishlist

What’s ACTUALLY on my Wish List for Christmas

SO here is what is actually on my wishlist for Christmas this year, besides World Peace and all that.  So if you want someone else to buy for this year, or just really love me, here are some ideas for you.  JUST KIDDING.  This list is REALLY for my husband, who better be paying attention.  HEY HONEY, I’VE POSTED MY WISHLIST ON MY BLOG!  WITH CLICKABLE LINKS- EASIEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRR!! 

  1. We’re heading to New York and I am in dire need of a fun pompom hat to keep my head warm from the cold. 
  2. Glitter shoes, because glitter are life. 
  3. Long necklace to wear with that delicious sweater farther down my list. 
  4. Fun socks- because I’m old. 
  5. This BURU top- she’s having sales for the next 8 days so start shopping! 
  6. A dainty star bracelet- stars remind me of my kids, and this bracelet is so pretty. 
  7. This Free People sweater is so perfect for winter- a v neck and bell sleeves?  The best! 
  8. Fun pajamas, also because I’m old. 
  9. Another BURU pick.  I’m honestly just loving the whole line. 
  10. Kendra Scott earrings- one can never have too much Kendra Scott 
  11. Sparkle mug- again because glitter is life. 

What’s on your wishlist??

2 thoughts on “What’s ACTUALLY on my Wish List for Christmas”

  1. What a great wishlist! I am all about the pompom hats, and I love the look of that coffee mug! I’d definitely get a lot of use out of that, especially since the weather is now so cold and because.. glitter. Glitter makes everything better!

  2. That pom pom hat is too cute! I would love have that one. Hope your trip to NY is fantastic. 🙂
    erin | sandsunandmessybuns

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