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Dearest Sunshine Girl, 

I can’t believe you’re one.  I’ve honestly been off and on crying all day just thinking about it.  I SWEAR I just had you yesterday.  And then the year just flew by and now here you are, almost walking and babbling like a maniac.  Maybe because you’re my second, I know just how fast time flies, which makes me even more sad that you’ve grown so fast.

You, my dearest, craziest little ball of sunshine, have made my life even more complete.  I had no idea what to expect with a second child.  I was, quite honestly, terrified.  I still am.  But you have added so much light to our family.  I didn’t know it was possible for there to be this much laughter in one household, for my heart to hold this much love. But you’ve shown me anything is possible.

You are so sassy and opinionated, and God bless anyone who dares ignore you.  I love your wild spirit so much, and I hope it’s never squashed.  I hope it continues to grow and you realize how truly beautiful and special you are, inside and out.  I pray that you continue to shine, my little light.  

Thank you for rocking my world.  Thank you for showing me how much laughter and light there is in the world.  Thank you for making our life just a little more wild, and a heck of a lot more fun.  I love you more than you will ever know.

Newborn Photography Baby Girl

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  1. Happy birthday cute little angel! I’m sure you’ve made your parents so much happier and more filled with love when you came around. I hope you continue to shine for years to come! This is such a wonderful letter for your daughter!

  2. Hi, Jessica. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life. You certainly are blessed. I remember fearing my second child, thinking I can’t handle this. Here I am past my 40’s with one son in his second year of high school and the other out on his own with a steady job. YES, time does fly way too fast.

    These keepsakes you’re creating for your daughter (and son) will be treasures to them one day.

    The photos are gorgeous. Did you take them? (the dress too, love it)

    #promoteyourwebsite fb group

    Enjoy your day,

    Sara @

  3. This made me tear up just reading the title. My son is turning one in less than a month and with a second child, this milestone feels heavier than the first! That baby stage goes by WAY too fast. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl!

  4. There are so many more years to come but letting go of them being this small is hard. Happy Birthday little one!