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Athlete jumping over water

Booty Blast with Premier Protein

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein.  I only work with brands I truly love, so thank you for helping me support them!

Athlete jumping over water


Ya’ll, bikini season is right around the corner.  So if you’ve started slacking in your New Years Resolutions, or just need a jump start, I’ve got a fun new workout for you.  This Booty Blast Workout only takes 20 minutes and you will definitely be feeling it the next day. 

Booty Blast Workout with Premier Protein

booty workout with premier protein

  1. Switch Lunges– get down in a lunge, jump up in the air and switch your legs to lunge with your opposite leg.
  2. Curtsy Lunges– great for your booty!
  3. Tuck Jumps– Squat down then jump into the air while tucking your knees into your chest. 

leg workout leg lift

Do you want to feel the burn even more?  Do 3 sets of one minute single leg back lift.  Your booty will be on fire, but it will look so good! 

You know I have to touch on nutrition, because working out is only half the battle.  You MUST make protein a priority in your daily diet.  I know that’s hard, but one way you can sneak in 30 grams of protein is with Premier Protein

premier protein sneakers and protein shake

I keep one of these Premier Protein shakes in my bag at all times.  It’s a great snack-on-the-go and helps me stay on point with my protein goals.  I am partial to the Chocolate and Banana shakes, but Jason really loves the Vanilla and Strawberries and Cream.  Any of the flavors are delicious and contain: 30 grams of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, tons of calcium, and ONLY 160 calories.  So get your booty workout in and chug this delicious protein drink after and watch that booty grow! 

14 thoughts on “Booty Blast with Premier Protein”

  1. That workout looks good! I can’t say I’m a fan of lunges but I know they’re effective so I just have to suck it up and get on with them!

  2. I need to start doing stuff like this. My backside could use the help. I’ve never had a protein shake though. I mostly stick to water and Diet Coke to remain friendly.

  3. I definitely need to start with my workouts! I might try this, thank you for the tips, I appreciate them! I’ve never had a protein shake before, I’m not a big fan of those but who know, I might try them some day!

  4. The “watch your booty grow” at the end of this post cracked me up! I drink protein but not for booty reasons – I have low blood protein and have to work extra hard to keep it up, ingesting more protein than most, and often doing it by way of a shake or supplement. But for a variety of reasons, I’m more than a little overweight, so I was reading this and all I could think was, “God forbid if my booty grew bigger!”

  5. That looks like an effective workout. I’ve been sticking close to my whole 30 diet for the past weeks and it’s been doing wonders to my health. I’m sure adding a bit of these moves wouldn’t hurt.

  6. Sounds like these exercises are perfect for getting your body in shape in time for the summer! I’m definitely keeping notes of these workouts!

  7. Angela Key Milnes

    Sounds like a good workout and I want to try! You’re doing great and Such a good motivation for working out

  8. The work out looks so much fun. Thanks for posting this. I love the pictures. I really need to exercise more.

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