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How to Eat Healthy and Save

How to Eat Healthy and Save with Flipp App

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How to Eat Healthy and Save

I know we all have New Year’s Resolutions we’re still working on.  I’m betting that many of us have very similar resolutions as well.  Two of mine being to shop smarter and healthier for my family.  Shopping smarter is something my husband has BEGGED me to work on.  I’ve been introduced to a new app called Flipp that has made this possible.  And my husband a WHOLE lot happier. 

How to Eat Healthy and Save Money

Best App for Saving Money

My husband and I meal plan every Sunday night.  Which you would think makes grocery shopping easier.  But for some reason, I always forget something.  And I only go to one store for all my needs, instead of looking for the best deals.  Enter Flipp app.  It has a photo list that finds local deals from my shopping list.  I mean, is that not the greatest invention ever?  It has made shopping SO much easier and cheaper!  For example: I saved $48.06 last week grocery shopping.

Flipp App How to Save Money

Another feature that I truly enjoy is the family sync.  If I need my husband or my mom to pick something up on their way home, I can just send it to them via the app.  There’s also a Store Mode- which allows you to plan your route in-store.  So not only is Flipp making my grocery bill less, it’s also cutting down on my time spent shopping.  

Flipp App and Starter Planner

As for my healthy food resolution, I wanted to share my grocery store guidelines for finding the healthiest food options for you and your family: 

  1. Only shop the outer aisles.  This includes fruits, proteins, meats, and the pasta/cereal aisle.  Stay away from those dangerous candy aisles and the freezer section of delicious yet calorie packed desserts and pizzas. 
  2. When picking up carbohydrates for the family, get complex carbs.  These include: brown rice, quinoa, multigrain bread, ezekiel bread, quinoa pasta, and sweet potatoes. 
  3. If you prefer to shop organic and all-natural like I do, every grocery store goes by similar setups.  The organic and all-natural choices will either be in their own section of the store (like Kroger) or will be placed in the center of each aisle with a green or brown sign (like Publix).  Keep an eye out for these! 

After using my guidelines and shopping with Flipp- how much money have you saved?

13 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthy and Save with Flipp App”

  1. Meal planning is really efficient especially for people who work all week. I think it’s nice to lookout for coupons and deals as well. These are awesome suggestions.

  2. I need to give this app a try. I find a I do a better job of buying healthy food when I meal plan, but sometimes I still forget items. This would really help me not have to make so many trips to the store, especially when I can find the best local deals.

  3. My husband loves Flipp. He is constantly at me to use it and when he’s out its all he does is make sure to check the app and tell me all about it. He loves it!

  4. The app sounds interesting. If that is available in my place I will definitely give it a try. And I also love that it suggest healthy options 🙂

  5. It’s the frozen section that kills me. I love way too much of that calorie-laden boxed up stuff. Skipping those aisles completely makes perfect sense to me.

  6. me and my hubby loves Flipp. we often use that and talk about it. we heard it from our friend! this is a great app

  7. I haven’t heard about Flipp app, but have to check it out asap! We do our meal planning on Saturdays and Flipp would be a great help for saving some money.

  8. Sounds like a great app to have. I do my grocery shopping one time big time every Saturday. Meal planning is routine in our house. I think doing that and utilizing Flipp can really help save some cash we can use for something else.

  9. I’ve been wanting to make my own meal plan. I suppose this is the year! Flipp sounds like an amazing app! Saves you time and money? Sounds like a loud and clear YES to me!

  10. my bff told me about the Flipp app. I should try this one now since i’ve seen a good review! nice post.

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