Prayers For Daughters As They Grow Up

Prayers For Daughters As They Grow Up by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

*All photos are by the amazing Amanda Nicole Photography*

Having a daughter has completely rocked my world.  Not only because she is the spunkiest, goofiest, most engaging and adorable nugget I’ve ever met.  But because 
being a woman, I know how mean and judgmental my sex can be.  My heart already hurts thinking of the pain she’ll go through as she grows up.  I know that I had a rough time in middle school and high school, and I hate to imagine her going through the same.  If I could keep her home with me forever, I would.

Prayers for My Daughter

Prayers For Daughters As They Grow Up by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

But my job as a parent is to help her grow up, and part of that growing up is dealing with the harshness of dealing with other people.  Another important part of my job is to give her the skills to deal with those situations in the best way possible.

Prayers For Daughters As They Grow Up by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

So this is what I pray, every day, for my sweet, spunky daughter: 

I pray that she has the grace and strength to face down adversity.  I pray that she knows her worth.  I pray that she sees how beautiful she is, both inside and outside. I pray that she has forgiveness in her heart for those who hurt her.  I pray that she does not linger on past hurts.  I pray that she is kind and loving to all those she meets.  I pray that she is strong and resilient and kicks ass.

I pray that she is a better person than me.

What do you pray for your daughter?

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  1. I prayer each and every day for you! Obviously, it all worked out beautifully. ❤️ Mom

  2. Your daughter is just so cute! I love this post – and I love the idea of praying every day for these little sweethearts <3!

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s just so beautiful. We all want the best for our daughters and I try my best to give them everything that they need until now that they’re grown up. This is such a lovely prayer.

  4. Such a beautiful prayer. Every mom wants their daughter to grow up to be happy, healthy and successful. I would also wish for her to be confident and comfortable in her own skin

  5. could not agree with this more- i pray for my daughter too as she grows to not be super judgmental on other women or men. you’re doing a great job mama!

  6. Beautiful images and a sweet story. I think we all want our children to have better opportunities than we did. Such cute prayers! 🙂

  7. If only this were not true but unfortunately true it is! I know, I was there praying the same way! ?

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