Treat Yourself: 8 Unique Gifts For Mom

Treat Yourself: 8 Unique Gifts For Mom by Jessica from Happily Hughes

I’m all about TREAT YO SELF!  Which is why I wanted to put together a little guide of small but significant unique gifts for mom you can get yourself.  If I’m having a bad day, or just need a pick me up, these are my favorite products for some self-love. 

Gifts for Mama

Treat Yourself: 8 Unique Gifts For Mom by Jessica from Happily Hughes

One goodie that I’ve really enjoyed is Kailyn Lowry’s new book: Hustle and Heart.  It’s a motivational story of Kailyn’s journey through life, and how she’s overcome the numerous obstacles thrown at her.  Reading this not only pumped me up to work my hardest, but also gave me a new respect for this mama!  You can read more about it here on her blog.

Or how about a new pair of Adidas Superstars?  There are SO many fun options HERE.  Like these rose gold Superstars.  Or there’s even a pair of floral ones!

If you love skincare like I do, you’ll adore this sheet mask pack of eleven.

I’m also a big fan of essential oils.  This sweet diffuser and essential oils pack is the perfect addition to any at-home spa night.

You know those mornings where you’re so tired drinking coffee just won’t do it?  I also use this coffee scrub as a little extra oomph in the morning.  Coffee scrubs are also really great for tightening and brightening the skin! 

AMAZON PRIME.  If you don’t have it, get it.  Not only do you get exclusive deals and free two-day shipping, you also have access to millions of movies and TV shows!  Not only is this a great gift for you- but your family will enjoy it too!  

Lip Balm– because lips get chapped, and a little gift goes a long way. 

This bathing suit, because it is so cute I could die.

These socks and this aerator– because wine is life.

What are your favorite unique gifts for mom ? I’d love to hear!

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  1. This is an awesome mothers day gift guide, thanks for sharing lovely 🙂 x

  2. Some lovely picks here. I don’t know why every year Mother’s day seems to get more and more harder to find gifts lol x

  3. I love that floral swimsuit and even though I am not a mother I quite want one myself, because it is gorgeous x

  4. I would literally love to receive any of these! Great picks! I think I love the Essential Oil Diffuser the most though!

  5. I have Amazon Prime AND Netflix I’m that hopeless. :p haha I would love that mug though!

  6. I’m not a mum, but I might treat myself to some of these anyway!! x

  7. The diffuser looks so nice! I love the socks too – I’ll have to see if they do Bailey’s ones for my mum!

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