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Top Ten Paleo Meals

Top Ten Paleo Meals and a GIVEAWAY

Top Ten Paleo Meals by Jessica from Happily Hughes 

So this paleo challenge has been amazing for the family and I!  I really needed to cleanse the sugar out of my system and we all seem to be feeling better.  I’ve been trying new recipes, and I am loving these ten paleo meals I’ve found.  They’re tried, tested, and delicious!  Also to help with our paleo challenge, I’ve teamed up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels to give away a Quinny Moodd Stroller!!  Scroll to the bottom for the giveaway: 

Top Ten Paleo Meals and a Giveaway
Top Ten Paleo Meals by Jessica from Happily Hughes

  1. Chicken Nuggets– Hudson LOVED these.  We paired them with sweet potato fries.
  2. Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Shrimp– I was craving soup SO bad and this did the trick!
  3. One Pan Broccoli Cashew Chicken– My husband LOVES Chinese food and this was definitely his favorite meal.
  4. Sausage Sweet Potato and Veggie SKillet– Ya’ll this is so very delicious!  If you only make one meal, make this one.
  5. Banana Blueberry Breakfast Bread– I added some Premier Protein to this mix to give it an extra protein kick!
  6. Honey Mustard Chicken Salad– Also extremely delicious. 
  7. Coconut Curry Meatballs
  8. Birthday Cake Protein Cookies– my own recipe and a favorite of the family’s. 
  9. Butternut Squash Pasta with Bacon
  10. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes– buffalo chicken is a weakness of mine so this recipe has a special place in my heart.

What are your favorite paleo meals? I’d love to hear!

Here is the GIVEAWAY!!

Top Ten Paleo Meals by Jessica from Happily Hughes 

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43 thoughts on “Top Ten Paleo Meals and a GIVEAWAY”

  1. Those Coconut Curry Meatballs sure sound tasty! I don’t follow the paleo diet, but don’t mind eating a paleo recipe sometimes.

  2. These all look delicious! I wouldn’t even know what to make first! Although, buffalo chicken also holds a place near and dear to my heart as well.

  3. Oh man, coconut curry meatballs sound so amazing. I had the best roasted red pepper bisque about a year ago and sadly nothing has lived up to it since! Maybe I’ll have to try this one 🙂

  4. Wow, I found this post so interesting. I had such a wrong view of what Paleo is! Your recipes look so good and I want to try that breakfast bread immediately.

  5. My favorite color is Black Devotion! I found your blog post extremely interesting! Thanks.

  6. If I had to choose one it would be the Zapp Flex one in Teal! Great for boy or girl!

  7. Wow so many paleo options! I havent really gotten on the trend but I am highly interested so thanks for the suggestions.

  8. We try to eat paleo as much as possible. The slow cooker buffalo chicken recipe is one I definitely want to try!!!

  9. All of these meals look so good! It probably doesn’t help that I came into the post hungry. That looks like a great stroller as well!

  10. Those chicken nuggets look incredible. All of these look amazing. I’ve never tried Paleo before but know plenty of people who have tried the lifestyle and just rave about it!

  11. These recipes look and sound amazing! I’ve not really looked into paleo before but it’s decontrol something I would like to try. And what a great competition!

  12. I’ve been trying to eat better this year and one of the big changes we’ve made is trying to eat more paleo. I love all of the dishes you recommend here!

  13. My sister and mom went paleo for a few months. They didn’t like having to cut everything about but felt so good!

  14. YUM! The slow cooker buffalo chicken recipe is one I definitely want to try! I should try to make more paleo foods! Thanks for the ideas!

  15. my favorite is the grey gravel, but knowing me, and being a boy mama who would mostly use this stroller for outdoor trips, i think the black devotion would be the better fit for us and keeping it looking clean aka hiding the dirt ;). we are having boy number 2 in july and it would be so nice to have a stroller for all our park trips!

  16. All of these meals look amazing! I am going to have to add them to my list of new things to try.

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