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2017 Summer Reading List

 2017 Summer Reading List by Atlanta blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

Obviously I’m a huge fan of books for my kids.  But I haven’t talked much about how much I love to read.  Ya’ll, I am the quintessential book nerd.  I LOVE reading.  I wanted to share some of my current favorites.  Here is my:

2017 Summer Reading List 

  1. My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella– I love the way Sophie writes, and this novel is just as hilarious as her others.  This book is one I think a lot of us can relate to, as it’s about a young woman who’s social media life looks nothing like her real life.  It’s about her search to find happiness and all the hilariously awkward situations she gets herself into along the way.
  2. The Best of Enemies by Jen Lancaster– Another witty and inspiring novel!  This chick lit newbie is about three best friends, two of which hate each other.  Their tactics of one-upping each other creates a good laugh and an ending is something you didn’t see coming!  Definitely a fun beach read.
  3. The Aviators Wife– If you’re looking for a more serious read, I highly recommend this book.  It’s a historical fiction based on the life of Charles Lindbergh’s wife.  I had no idea she accomplished so much!
  4. Look Again by Lisa Scottoline– My mystery lovers will enjoy this book!  It’s about a news reporter who thinks her adopted son was actually abducted and sold through illegal channels.  It takes her on a dangerous and captivating journey to find the truth. 
  5. Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty– If you loved Big Little Lies (show or the book) you will love this novel by the same author!
  6. The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian– another author that I truly enjoy reading, Chris writes so beautifully you feel like you’re in the book.  This murder mystery keeps your gripped until the very last page.
  7. Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport– The best beach read!  This is the story of a Hawaiin family throughout the decades.  It’s another historical fiction with Hawaiin lore mixed in and you will love the picture this author paints. 
  8. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult– She is definitely one of my top ten favorite authors of all time.  It was hard to pick a book to recommend, because I’ve loved everything I’ve ever read of hers.  But this novel is about race and really opened my eyes to the plight of others.  
  9. First Comes Love by Emily Giffin– The author of Something Borrowed has come out with another great read!  This one is about two sisters who endure a tragedy early on in their life and how they cope and grow from it.  Get the tissues because you’re sure to cry, 
  10. The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathon Kellerman: If you want a psychological thriller, Jonathon is your man.  This book will keep you up at night for sure!

Now, what’s on your summer reading list? I’d love to hear! 2017 Summer Reading List by Atlanta blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

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  1. I never thought to have a summer reading list! I don’t plan on having the time to read anything with a new baby on the way plus 4 kids running around. However, I do hope to find some mommy time between all the chaos.

  2. I should really update my reading list and get on with reading a book at least each month! I miss doing that. I think this is a lovely list of recommendations.

  3. This is a great and detailed book list! I am always on the look out for good books to read and will have to check out these. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like a good collection and this is so interesting for me. I will check this out

  5. I haven’t started making my summer reading list, but these sound like good books!! I am going to add them to my list.

  6. I love to read too and I still love to sit on the sofa or in bed with a good book in hand. I don’t resd books electronically. Great collection here.

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