30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY

30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan  and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY by healthy living blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

It’s that time my friends!  Time to get serious about your health.  We just finished our Paleo Challenge, and now we’re starting a

30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan

30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan  and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY by healthy living blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

What is a sugar detox diet plan?  It’s a month long cleanse that gets all of those nasty white sugars out of your system.  Do you know what white sugars do to your body?  Read this article.  If you don’t want to read it, let me summarize.  Sugar is highly addictive, can cause high cholesterol, diabetes, and fatty liver disease.  If that’s not enough, white sugars also cause your body to retain unnecessary water weight, which causes bloat.  So let’s do this!  And to make this even more exciting I’ve teamed up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels, Veronika’s Blushing, and My life Well Loved to give you a $100 Kortni Jeane gift card AND a piece of jewelry of your choice from Sequin New York.  Scroll down to enter!

30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan  and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY by healthy living blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes 30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan  and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY by healthy living blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

To do your 30 Day Sugar Detox diet plan: 

  1. Throw away all the candy, white breads, white rice, sodas, juices (unless they’re for the kids or green juice), sugary cereals, sugar for coffee, flavored yogurts, potatoes, and sweetened almond or coconut milk.  You also need to get rid of the wine and liquor in your house- give it away if you must but no drinking! There are cheat days allowed- I’ll cover that later. 
  2. When you’re grocery shopping, stick to the outside aisles- I want you to stock up on proteins and veggies.  If you’re going to get carbs it needs to be Ezekiel bread and sweet potatoes.  Yogurt can be greek yogurt with less than 10g of sugar.  Also only get unsweetened almond and/or coconut milk.
  3.  An example of a day on the Sugar Detox: 
    1. Breakfast- Suja green juice, ezekiel bread toasted with peanut butter 
    2. Snack- cashews or almonds and an apple 
    3. Chicken tacos on Ezekiel tortilla with guacamole 
    4. Side salad 
    5. Chicken Breast, half a sweet potato with cinnamon and steamed broccoli 
  4. If you get a sugar craving, I highly recommend getting a bar of dark cacao chocolate or cacao nibs from Trader Joes.  
  5. You can have ONE cheat meal a week.  Just one.  

30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan  and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY by healthy living blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

Click here to enter the giveaway:

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Also check out Heather, Veronica and Laura’s blog posts for more ways to rock your sugar challenge!!

30 Day Sugar Detox Diet Plan  and a Kortni Jeane GIVEAWAY by healthy living blogger Jessica from Happily Hughes

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  1. Gwendolyn Jordan says:

    Hip Ruffle Bottom and Aegis Necklace

  2. I have been thinking about doing a detox, but I am so addicted to sugar I hate to even think about giving it up. Lately though, I have been sluggish and just not feeling myself, and I know it has to do with my eating. I think I should give this try. You broke it down into easy and helpful tips. And thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. I’m already mentally preparing for the sugar detox I’ll be doing once my little man is born!

  4. I like the Gemini constellation necklace & giant pineapple pool float.

  5. I SO need to try this! I love detoxes because they make me feel so clean and good about myself. I think I’m going to try this!!!

  6. Lee Mckeon says:

    I love the Tank-tie top from Kortni Jeane And The Sequin Turtle mint narrow bangle bracelet!


  8. Ingrid Jackson says:

    I would like to get the zodiac necklace.

  9. So it’s pretty similar to whole30? A sugar detox is a really awesome idea! It’s so addicting! Ps love love love everyone’s hair in these photos.

  10. This is something I need to do. I’ve had quite a bit of sugary snacks and treats lately and it did not make me feel good. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Edna Williams says:


  12. Mindy DeLisi says:

    I would get the men’s blue trunks for my husband!

  13. patrick jones says:

    enamel bracelets for a friend or my sister…

  14. I would choose a fabulous swing top for the pool this Spring!

  15. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s nice to get rid of all that sugar especially the unnecessary ones. These are great tips on how to start that too. I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from this.

  16. Kimmy Ripley says:


  17. The rings are beautiful.

  18. From Kortni Jeane I would choose the Latter Back Top in Black and the Ruched Bottoms in Cheetah Print. Even though I do not have a pool that Giant Unicorn Pool Float is EVERYTHING and with Lisa Frank making a comeback I want that too! LOL

    The Athena Statement Pendant Necklace from Sequin is literally EVERYTHING!

  19. Onyinye Elochukwu says:

    I love the blue necklace with yellow sparkles.

  20. Dorothea Collington says:

    The Gemini & Scorpio 3 Charm Necklace , Gemini Zodiac Necklace , ” Key to her Heart ” & ” Unlock my Heart ” Talisman Necklace , Alcehmy Necklace so many to chose from thanks Sequin great pieces.

  21. I love the HIGH-RISE TOP 2.0 and Countess Bracelet.

  22. Dawn Kaestner says:

    Work out clothes for my new “no-sugar” body!

  23. heather s says:

    I like the racer back top and the light pink karma bracelet

  24. Ahh, all of you ladies look great as per usual and how cute that you match with baby! Her face is priceless, lol! I am going to really try and participate in this challenge.. I have been needing motivation but it seems so much easier with girls doing it along with you. I am loving those bathing suits, too.. so more motivation! I would definitely choose the ruched bottoms in indigo and I absolutely love the Shark Tooth Talisman Choker Necklace – Snake Chain !

  25. Megan Wulff says:

    I love so much on these two sites. I really like the tie tanks and the “my heart is yours” necklace. I would be so excited to win!

  26. Valerie Lerma says:


  27. I love the blue necklace and the MINI ROMPER ONE-PIECE

  28. Keri Barhorst says:

    You girls Are Awesome! I would love to try this
    Because we eat so much sugar in our house.
    Thanks for the chance

  29. A sugar detox sounds good! Although not all sugars are bad, it is the ones we get from sweets that can harm us. I do give in to my sweet tooth once in a while and I have to learn to let go and choose healthier options to get my sugar fix.

  30. I need a new swimsuit and a detox wouldn’t hurt either.


  32. Lynette Walton says:

    The High wasted bottoms & the bracelet

  33. The Baroque Pearl Velvet Tassel Choker Necklace


    I would choose the mini All ruffled up bottoms and mini halter top for my daughter

  35. Emma Kane says:


  36. Beautiful ad! Fingers crossed to win.

  37. I’d try the high waisted bottoms from Kortni and the turquoise color karma tassel necklace from sequin.

  38. alisha eiler says:

    I like the swing top.

  39. Cheryl Montgomery says:

    The giant pineapple pool float

  40. Kimberly Harrison says:

    A cute sequined bathing suit

  41. Nicole Zerbini says:

    I am loving the Racer Back Top from Kortni Jeane and the Pastel Samba Chandelier Earrings from Sequin!

  42. I am loving the sandals they have!

  43. Rouched bottom and Gemini Costellation Necklace

  44. I love the party dress and the stripe leggings. But a sugar detox is the way to go. We have to stay healthy for our family and friends.

  45. Brenda Breland says:

    Love the tie up top in cheetah! Would have to get one for my mini of course as well 🙂

  46. I would pick out jewelry that I could pair with tons of different outfits!

  47. Betty Morgan says:

    sugar detox is hard in America

  48. I like the high waist shorts!

  49. Tami Qualls says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with sugar. I really need to give it up for my health but I’m so addicted.

  50. Tank-Tie Top

  51. I would choose the scoop back top and White Riviera Statement Pendant Necklace

  52. Love the Tied-up Top and the Saggitarius 3-charm necklace

  53. I’d get the high waisted skirt in Indigo.

  54. Valerie Parker Thurman says:

    I’d love to give up sugar. I think it would be great for all my family members.

  55. Melissa Cleaver says:

    I like the Gemini constellation necklace

  56. lisa combs says:

    i would choose a swimsuit and high waisted bottoms thx

  57. I like the Kortni Jeane mini girls racer back top. I also like the Sequin Aries Stellina necklace. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  58. Latanya Thornhill says:


  59. Latanya Thornhill says:


  60. Something for my girl

  61. Anita Duvall says:

    From KortniJean I would choose the Indigo Lattice Back Top and the Indigo Bottom while I had the $100 towards the two pieces. From Sequin I would choose the MARTINIQUE STATEMENT CHOKER NECKLACE to match.

  62. Marie Beauregard says:

    I would choose the Tied Up Top from Korni Jeane

  63. I love the Gemini constellation necklace!

  64. I should definitely do a detox for sugar. It’s so hard though. There are so many great items, it’s hard to choose!

  65. I’d buy the hip ruffle swimsuit. So cute and retro!!

  66. Patricia Hoffmeister says:

    St Barthes Statement Choker Nevklace

    I didn’t realize you had such beautiful jewelry.

  67. Anne Scott says:

    I’d choose the giant pineapple pool float from Kortni Jeane – so cute!

  68. Anne Scott says:

    BLUE CAYMAN STATEMENT CHOKER NECKLACE would be my choice from sequin!

  69. Diane Nakashima says:

    It’s time for me to try a detox so that’s what I would do.

  70. Kayla Klontz says:

    I would like to get one of the Tank-tie tops, i’m not positive which color yet.

  71. Janet OBrien says:

    I like the TIED UP TOP from Kortni Jeane and the VOLTERRA STATEMENT PENDANT NECKLACE from SEQUIN


  73. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    What a great idea. I will try it. I love Kortni Jeane

  74. I really love pretty much everything on the Sequin website especially the long necklaces. I like the elephant mystic talisman necklace among others 🙂

  75. Sandra Crispo says:

    Defiantly A piece or two of jewelry!!

  76. Callie B. says:

    I am loving the Racer Back Top from Kortni Jeane and the Pastel Samba Chandelier Earrings from Sequin! Crossing my fingers!!??????

  77. Christine says:

    I love, love, love the photography on your blog. Been on both sides of camera for over a decade. That baby pic is priceless. 🙂

    Thanks for the detox tips. Im seriously addicted to fast food. I swear when I dont have it, i get headaches for days. I have more issue w craving fast food than sugar. I now limit my bread and carbs unless they are leafy greens or watery veggies. The bread craving I conquered and that took years but McDoubles and fries bfore and during my period wreck my diet.

    Love your blog. I had 4 kids so moms gotta keep her energy up.

  78. Sheila V. says:

    High rise top & Mariposa Mint Wide Bangle Bracelet!

  79. Gal Colleen says:

    I’d choose the V-Neck Top

  80. Dinorah B says:

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these.

  81. Jen Eiserman says:

    I would LOVE the peplum top in Blue with the high waisted bottoms in Indigo!


  83. I would pick the Tied Up top for wearing with a swimsuit and the Blue Statement Cayman Choker necklace

  84. Benjamin Kendall says:

    I choose the BONDI STATEMENT PENDANT NECKLACE for my Wife and the Maternity Bottoms for my pregnant Daughter.

  85. My daughter moved back in & she is vegan. The 1st thing she taught me was to eat less meat. Now we are on the 30 day no sugar detox. Let me tell you I have lost 6 lbs. already & feel great!

  86. Jim Hayes says:

    I would choose the teardrop pearl choker necklace for my wife

  87. unicorn pool float and initial necklace

  88. Candace Galan says:

    I would get Extended high waisted bottoms and a Mariposa Mint Wide Bangle Bracelet, beautiful colors.

  89. Diana Lynch says:

    Love this site I would get a necklace for my daughter to remember me at college.

  90. Barbara Janiak says:

    being sugar free means liberation and you’ll feel your body shift immediately to a healtheir you

  91. Jasmine P says:

    I would choose the v neck top and the ruffled bottoms! I would also choose the Trinidad statement necklace!

  92. Shannon Kirby says:

    I would get the S Pave Block initial necklace and the pink floral swing top

  93. Sheri Anderson says:

    I really love the OPAL SAMBA DROP EARRINGS and the MINI MEN TRUNKS, thanks!

  94. Stephanie Fossum says:

    I would love the tank tie top.

  95. Tricia Jorke says:

    I would select the swing top as it would be great for summer.

  96. LYN WILLIAMS says:

    PEPLUM BOTTOMS in womens and mini

  97. Tessie Schouest says:

    I’ve been working hard on my summer beach body by cutting out all sugar. My 35th year will be the year that I get buff lol. I love the racer back top from Kortni Jeane and the turquoise karma bracelet or the Scorpio astral necklace.

  98. rachel howe says:

    I stopped eating sugar a long time ago!

  99. KATHRYN TEEL says:

    I would buy the men’s shorts in yellow from Kortni Jeane because he’s too cheap to go get himself a new pair and the White Riviera Statement Pendant from Sequin for me because it’s just gorgeous!

  100. Eleanor Cooper says:

    “Lita” Statement Pendant Necklace

  101. Jeanie HIcken says:

    I would buy me some new jewelry. I can always use new earrings.

  102. Melanie huttner says:

    I would get a high waist one piece and a pair of earrings!

  103. I would get this necklace

  104. katherine Persons says:


  105. Erin A Gary says:

    The high waisted one piece swimsuit. But after reading your post I can’t wait to detox!!! Then it will really be a win-win….a new body and a swimsuit to highlight it!!! OH YEAH!!!

  106. Mandi Smith says:

    I love the out of this world color Karma bracelet set, and my husband needs a new pair of swim trunks for this summer so I would get him swim trunks

  107. Love the ruffled bottoms and the OPEN SQUARES ENAMEL CUFF.

  108. Deborah Cochran says:

    So many fun jewelry to choose from! I love the Cancer Astral cuff bracelet the best. Perfect for Spring or Summer outfits!

  109. Colleen C says:

    I would choose the Quito Drop Earrings!

  110. Swing top and ARIES ASTRAL NECKLACE

  111. What a super fun giveaway! I would love a sweetheart peplum top and a peplum bottoms when her new line comes out 🙂 and then not sure yet what specific piece of jewelry but probably a fun necklace!

  112. Kelly Freeman says:

    I think the swing top would be the most flattering for my figure

  113. Heather Carter says:

    If I won, I would pick the extended high waist bottoms in floral, and the tank tie top in sachet pink.
    Then I’d get the mini girls in coordinating pieces to match my daughter <3
    From Sequin I like the Sagittarius Constellatioon necklace and the rubicon cuff bracelet.

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