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Healthy Snacks for Babies/Toddlers

This post is sponsored by Stonyfield.  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them.

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Does anyone else have a toddler or baby that easy ALL. DAY?  My husband and I joke that Henley has a hollow leg because girlfriend can put some food away.  I have no idea where she gets it from.  *cough*  I wanted to share some snack ideas that we’re loving, in hopes it helps other moms feed their kiddos healthy and filling foods.

Healthy Snacks for Babies/Toddlers

sweet baby girl eating Stonyfield with Probiotics

A snack that I’ve been feeding my kids since Hudson was itty bitty is  Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt.  Stonyfield is the #1 recommended yogurt for babies and toddlers by pediatricians, so I know it’s the right choice for my kiddos.  What I am absolutely loving is they just added probiotics to their yogurts!  Probiotics are such a great addition to any child’s nutrition as it supports healthy intestines.

stony field probiotics

Here’s the thing about yogurt and small babes- it’s an essential building block for their growth.  Yogurt is packed with Calcium, B-6 and B-12, protein, Potassium and Magnesium.  What sets Stonyfield apart from other brands is this: 

  • YoBaby is the only organic yogurt made specifically for babies
  • Stonyfield relies on the natural sweetness provided by whole milk, rather than stuffing their products full of artificial flavors. 
  • Did I tell you it’s organic yet?  WAHOO!! 
  • It tastes delicious 

Stonyfield and Baby Eating

Healthy foods like YoBaby introduce children early to a healthy eating lifestyle!  Some other great snacks I’d recommend are: 

  • Fruit! Henley loves pineapple, apples, mangoes, cantaloupe, and grapes (cut of course0. 
  • Dried fruit 
  • Scrambled eggs 
  • Baked sweet potatoes 
  • Chicken quesadilla 
  • Smoothies (she goes NUTS for smoothies) 
  • Pancakes- My mom or I make a batch at the beginning of the week and I’ll bring some with me when we go out. 
  • Oatmeal 

What are some of your favorite snacks to feed your kids?

Healthy snacks for babies and toddlers

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  1. What wonderful ideas for baby snacks. They sure can be finicky at times. Forwarding your post along to my daughter .. with a little one of her own I’m positive she’ll appreciate the ideas!

  2. I love munching on sweet potato and yoghurts myself, so these are wonderful sweet treats for babies!! 🙂

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