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We’ve been talking a lot about health gut. The question I’ve received from many of you is “What about my crazy days? How do I focus on eating healthy and picking the right foods when I barely have time to breath?” Well I can at least partially answer that for you: healthy snacks and drinks you can grab on-the-go. I’ve rounded up several ideas for you busy women out there, so you can still live you healthiest life while running the world.

Healthy Snacks and Drink for On-The-Go

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The first item I want to discuss is the new Tropicana Probiotics drink. I have always loved Tropicana products, and made these fun Watermelon Sparklers last year using Tropicana juice. However, I love that they’re delving into the healthier lifestyle section as well! These drinks, while tasting AMAZING, also have over 1 billion live cultures of healthy bacteria. You may be thinking “Drinking bacteria? YUCK!” But really it tastes SO good and it’s SO good for you! These healthy bacteria help your intestines by breaking down food properly so you’re getting ultimate nutrient absorption.

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On top of that, these drinks are 100% juice. They also do NOT contain added flavors or sugars. An added bonus? It’s packed full of Vitamin C. These Tropicana Probiotics are a GREAT addition to your healthy snack and drink reservoir. You can try all three flavors: Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango (my fave), and Peach Passion Fruit. Pineapple Mango is definitely my favorite and I can’t wait to hear which one you love best!

Some other great snacks for on-the-go:

What healthy options do you enjoy on-the-go?

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting drink to have around the home, I am definitely going to look out for it next time I am at the shop as it sounds great.