Meal Planning for Healthy Postpartum

Ok so there have been a lot of requests for two specific posts: a food diary and a Diastasis Recti post.  So today is the food diary and next Wednesday will be the Diastasis Recti segment.  A food diary is just what it sounds like- a journaling of what a person eats throughout the day.  When I was personal training I would have my clients do a three day food dairy so I could highlight the deficiencies in their diet.  I’m sharing mine with you to show how I stay healthy with my crazy lifestyle.

Food Diary for Weight Loss

Albion Fit Healthy Postpartum Body

Here is my three day food diary: 




food diary to lose weight

A couple things to note: these are fast and easy snacks and meals that the whole family can partake in (minus the seeds and almonds for baby).  On the weekends, I pretty much eat whatever I want though I do try and keep my cheat meals to one a day.  And OF course I have days where I skip a snack or meal and end up eating the kids leftovers.  I’m just hoping this will help all of you with easier meal choices! 

15 Responses

  1. I need to try this. I have about 5 pounds I would love to get off. Those last 5 are tough.

  2. Though I always try to stick to my food plan but somehow end up ruining it.. :p
    Might be I am making some plain choices (hard for pure veg) where I can really go with some good ones..
    Changed some meals from yours hope it works!!

  3. Your plan is definitely helpful and awesome. I have been trying to lose some weight but not to lose my food. Love your glasses too

  4. Well you look simply amazing. You are stunning. And that’s so cool that you have found a diet that works for you. i know when i was doing well I could limit my fry intake. 10 does sound like a good number when it comes to that.

  5. It’s a great idea, to have a log of all of the food that you consumed for the day. It’s definitely going to help you keep track of your progress.

  6. I always find it so interesting to read food diaries and yours is proof that my diet is terrible. As someone who is a vegetarian what what types of food would you say is good if you want to put on weight? x

  7. This is pretty cool for people that want to try dieting for weight loss. I’m interested to know if it has the same results on a different body type.

  8. Oh man I’ve been looking for a weekly diet plan, thank You so much for sharing this and including snack options lol