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Baby Legs Silver Cross Wave

Silver Cross Wave All-In-One Stroller Review

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Baby Silver Cross Wave

Ya’ll know how I love my strollers!  I heard about this new Silver Cross Wave Double and HAD to research more into it.  Silver Cross is a British company, specializing in luxury baby products.  Their Wave stroller is top of the line and has received glowing reviews the world over.  It was just released last month for sale in the US, and I was lucky enough to be given the ability to review it. 

Silver Cross Wave All-In-One Stroller Review

Silver Cross Wave Double

Let me start by saying I was impressed by this stroller.  It can be a single (bassinet, car seat, or regular seat) or tandem (2 bassinets, a bassinet and a regular seat, a car seat and a regular seat, or 2 regular seats).  The bassinets are super lightweight, have two point for ventilation, and are one of the only stroller bassinets approved for sleeping in.  I wish I’d had this when the kids we’re smaller! I plan on saving it in case we have another one.

Baby Stroller Update

The stroller pops out of the box ready to use, you just have to pop the wheels on.  Some other features that I really want to highlight are the SPF 50 visors, the Wave Technology that allows for easy steering (even with an almost 40 pound toddler on board!), it comes with mosquito nets and rain covers, puncture proof tires, and an extra large basket under the stroller.  To me, these features, along with the robustness and sleek lines of the stroller, make it the best tandem stroller I have had the pleasure of trying.  If you are shopping doubles, I HIGHLY suggest trying the Silver Cross Wave.  Although it’s new to the market, I promise it won’t disappoint.

Silver Cross Wave Double


10 thoughts on “Silver Cross Wave All-In-One Stroller Review”

  1. Wave is a very special combination of luxury and innovation, designed to give your newborn the very best comfort and protection, yet future-proofed for a second baby – all in one package. I love researching new products for baby of my sister and sharing the updates with her. She being mom cares about what’s new in the fascinating and ever-changing Baby Gear World.

  2. This is awesome! I love that it has mosquito nets and puncture proof tires! We totally need this for summer time. We are always using our stroller, and we need a durable one like this.

  3. Ah, I love strollers! My youngest is 6 1/2 so we don’t need them anymore, but we had many when my kids were little. Silver Cross having a double stroller is a big deal! Such a quality brand! Glad to hear your little ones are riding smooth!

  4. I love that it can be a single or a tandem. It will definitely make any parrnt’s life easier. It look lightweight as well. Perfect for taking with you when you go out with the kids. It looks really comfortable as well.

  5. love that stroller! thank you for posting review about this stroller, my bff is about to give birth to twins!! she will surely love this pst!

  6. Our Family World

    Thank you for the review. My friend has twin girls and this Silver Cross stroller would be perfect. It is compact and lightweight so taking the twins for a walk would be so much better!

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Oh this Silver Cross Wave Double stroller would be perfect for my twin granddaughters. They already have one but it is so big and bulky. I am going to get this and keep it in my house so my daughter won’t have to keep lugging around the big heavy one in and out of the car.

  8. That is pretty nice. Back when my daughter was in a stroller, you had to buy car seats separately. It is good to see that someone has had the good sense to combine the two into one.

  9. Aw such a cute way to travel for the little ones. I love that it’s so stylish and sleek looking!

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