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Supplements for a Healthy Gut with Dr. Axe (Coupon Code)

This post is sponsored by Dr. Axe.  I only work with brands I really love, so thank you for helping me to support them.  jumping photo gut health

Our sugar series is almost over!  I want to talk about something super important- stomach and intestine health.  You know when you feel bloated?  Or have that little gut after eating something your stomach doesn’t agree with?  The best way to battle this is by taking supplements to keep your insides working like the well oiled machines they are. 

Supplements for a Healthy Gut with Dr. Axe

Healthy Smoothies for Gut Health Dr Axe Supplements

Dr. Axe is a well known natural wellness website that has health articles, healthy eating recipes, natural remedy recommendations, and of course natural supplements.  They carry everything from Bone Broth to Organic Super Greens.

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My top three favorite supplements for gut health specifically are Bone Broth Collagen, Organic Super Greens and Probiotics.  Bone Broth Collagen has been most recently linked to more glowing and healthy skin.  But bone broth is also beneficial for overcoming food allergies and intolerances, and boosting the body’s overall immune system. 

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Super Greens are AMAZING.  The Dr. Axe Super Greens has up to 5 servings of fruits and veggies in it!  I put a scoop in every single smoothie I make for the kids and I.  Because of all of these fruits and veggies, your body is getting extra enzymes.  This aids in digestion and overall gut and intestine health. 

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Last, but certainly not least, is the Probiotics.  Probiotics are so very important.  The Dr. Axe Probiotics contain over 50 billion healthy bacteria for your intestines.  These healthy bacteria properly break down food and eliminate gas.

*You can use code “happilyhughes” for a discount at Dr. Axe!  You can buy these three supplements OR the Gut Healthy Pack.  Either will greatly improve your intestinal health and digestion.

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  1. Thanks! I will be checking these products out. I use super greens and probiotics, but have been hearing alot about bone broth lately. Interested in finding out more about it.

  2. Probiotics are pretty interesting & like many health supplements, I think it’s great that we’re learning more about how our bodies function.

  3. I have never heard of this brand before. It looks like something I would need for my digestive issues.

  4. those look really good. i need help with my stomach issues so this may be perfect for me.

  5. Supplements can be really important if you aren’t getting what you need! It is always nice when you find one you like!

  6. I’ve been taking probiotics here and there, but would love to try these Super Greens. I’ve really been working on my own gut health lately and am trying to get my boyfriend on the bandwagon too.

  7. It is important that supplements are natural. They are safer and more effective. I guess this product is really a good one although I am not familiar of it. One day if it would be available in our place, I would want to try it.

  8. Blair villanueva

    Taking some supplements is also good. I will try your recommendations 🙂

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