Memorial Day Sales


Soooo in the process of putting together this post I bought way too much but I can write it off as a business expense… right?  Haha totally kidding… about the writing it off part.  Now how do I explain it to my husband?  Hmmmm.  Anyways, here are my top picks from ALL OF THE MEMORIAL SALES!! 

For the ladies:

For Nasty Gal make sure to use NASTY40 to get 40% off EVERYTHING

For the kids:

Enjoy your shopping, and I’m going to apologize personally for the amount of shopping you’re about to do.

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  1. Oh, how I love a good sale! Those pieces of little girls are absolutely darling!

  2. Wow! They look so all great! Especially all the shoes, bag, and cases! So cute!

  3. Ahhh! So many great deals and cute clothes! I am a sucker for a good sale, and I love to buy new clothes as the seasons are changing. After such a long winter, and I cannot wait to get into some new dresses and shorts! I need to grab my credit card and do some damage!

  4. These are great picks! I’m obsessed with off shoulder tops and I’ll be checking them out. Who doesn’t love sales?

  5. Elizabeth O. says:

    How adorable are these items! I think they’re awesome and it would be nice to take advantage of all the discounts. It’s definitely going to be a treat!

  6. My Teen Guide says:

    I love that “I’m allergic to Mondays” t-shirt! Looks so cool. I could use a new pair of sneakers too. Thanks for posting this and sharing information on the discounts.

  7. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love the variety of clothing you featured. There are so many that I would love to have for my family and for myself!

  8. Julie Syl says:

    Those clothes are perfectly fit to me and fashionable! I will check these out.

  9. Aziel Morte says:

    Wow, These are all looks a great selection of outfit and I would love to have these

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