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Why Summer Sucks for Parents

Parenting Tips: Why Summer Sucks for Parents

Parenting Tips: Why Summer Sucks for Parents by Atlanta blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

Before I had kids, I never understood the posts I saw on Facebook of mom’s hating on Summer.  I even judged them a little!  I thought, “Aren’t they excited to spend more time with their kids?”  Now that I am a mom I TOTALLY GET IT AND I’M SORRY!  Here are all the reasons why

Parenting Tips: Summer Sucks for Parents

  1. Too much time with the kids.  Much too much time.  What the heck am I supposed to do with them all day?  The chorus of “mom, mom, mama, mom MOMMMMMM!!!!” is worse than nails on a chalk board.  And I just count down the hours until nap time, or until I can bribe them to sit quietly and give me a break.
  2. I’m also supposed to be teaching them things?  I didn’t get a teaching degree!  My Instagram and Pinterest feed is full of summer activities and parenting tips that other moms, better moms, are doing with their children.  Activities that help them learn to spell, and write, and read and learn.  I’m over here like: “Here’s some letter cookies kid, good luck.” 
  3. Family vacations.  Once you have kids, you understand that a vacation isn’t a vacation with little ones.  It’s just changing the scenery of the day to day mess.  Most of the time you have to add sand into the equation, which is a whole other level of annoying.    
  4. Sibling fights- Once you have two plus you realize they’re gonna get on each other’s nerves.  And them getting on each other’s nerves gets on YOUR nerves.  QUIET TIME FOR EVERYONE.  ALL DAY.  WHOEVER DOESN’T TALK IS MY FAVORITE CHILD.
  5. The lack of privacy.  This should be number one.  There is a tiny human underfoot at all hours of the day.  All hours.  Goodness forbid I pee in peace.  Or try and fold the laundry.  The “Mama whatcha doing?”  “Mama whatcha doing now?” “Mama can you come play with me now?”  “How about now?!?” 

I love my children.  I swear I do.  I’m just counting down the days until summer is over.  It’s 40 days, in case you were wondering.

Parenting Tips: Why Summer Sucks for Parents by Atlanta blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

22 thoughts on “Parenting Tips: Why Summer Sucks for Parents”

  1. I could not possibly agree with this more! “look mom” “watch this mom” aaaaahhhhhh! Leave mom alone! — it’s so nice to know someone else out there shares in my love/hate relationship with summer.

  2. hahaha I work full time, so my son has day time activities at his day care and he’s so worn out when I pick him up that he doesn’t last long at home! I actually thought it would be nice to be able to stay home with him in the summer’s… but your post made me think “well, maybe not”

  3. To me, summertime is the best time when it comes to the kiddos. I ALWAYS dread when the new school year comes around…waking up early, buying school uniforms, after school activities, making sure homework and projects get done, etc. Cut with summer and summer vacations, there are no schedules…which is my favorite part!!!


  4. Alaina Bullock

    LOL! Love this post! I used to teach and I couldn’t wait for summer. Now as a step parent, I can’t wait for summer to END! We love our kids, they are our world, but boy do we ever need a break!

  5. Haha. As tiring and frustrating as summers can be for parents, I love reading these posts. I am a school counselor (with no kids of my own, mind you) so I love summers. I love resetting and enjoying my husband, traveling, and not dealing with 350 (25 when I taught) kids constantly needing my attention and time. 🙂 That said, I love coming back to work after summer. Thanks for doing what you do, mama. The days are long, but the years are short.

  6. I am a homeschooling stay at home mom, so my kiddos are with me all the time all year. What I do not like about summer is the oppressive heat and subsequently needed extra showers. Bathing kids is exhausting!

  7. It is so difficult also when you get to work when kids are on summer vacation break. We help our daughter taking acre of our grandson but it is challenging. However we enjoy spending time with him.

  8. Lol…. I know what you mean with all of these things. Although I never seemed to have those problems. Then again I just had one of them so I didn’t have to worry about many of them.

  9. I can just imagine how much your hands are full with the kiddos. I think making them play outside is always good for them to dispense some energy and give you some down time.

  10. I agree with this 100%. I didn’t realize that it was going to be so hard. I just don’t know what to do with my son every day, I feel like I’ve exhausted all options.

  11. What you described is year round for many parents and thankfully, the kids do grow up and change things up a bit. How about summer camp? That’s what happens in my neck of the woods.

  12. The lack of privacy is tough. I’m always having to fight to have five minutes to myself in the toilet. It’s not easy, but sometimes I have those moments… but they’re rare.

  13. I totally agree with this! Especially the vacationing!! Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, but taking my child somewhere out of our state and comfort places, anxiety skyrockets! Making sure he doesn’t get into anything and of course adding sand, the mess is insane! A great read, thanks for sharing

  14. Agree with the non-stop clamour for mommy! This happens even on weekends! I love my daughter so much but I sometimes hide away when she’s calling on me all the TIME!

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