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Why Life Insurance is So Important

Why Life Insurance is SO Important

This post is sponsored by Allstate.  I only work with brands I love, so thank you for helping me to support them. 

Why Life Insurance is SO Important by Atlanta mom blogger Happily Hughes

This may seem a little debbie downer to discuss, but in today’s climate it is so important.  Do you have life insurance?  We do!  And finding the right life insurance policy for us was so important, as we want our children to be taken care of if, God forbid, something happens to us.  This is all that I learned in our quest for the right policy, and I’m hoping this post will help other families out there as well! 

Why Life Insurance is SO Important

Why Life Insurance is SO Important by Atlanta mom blogger Happily Hughes

As soon as I got pregnant with Hudson, my husband started researching insurance.  We have all of our policies with Allstate, and they made shopping for the right insurance easy and so affordable.  Here are some key pointers and statistics for you as you shop for your ideal policy: 

  • The sooner you get life insurance, the more affordable it will be.  The younger and healthier you are, the less it will cost you.  We signed up when I was just 25 so our payments are pretty low.
  • There are two types of insurance- term and permanent.  This video is SUPER helpful at explaining the difference between the two.
  • You can start with term life insurance, which is ideal for those with young children.  The term life insurance policy can be converted into a full life insurance policy when you have extra income. 
  • Stay-at-home-moms absolutely need life insurance!  Think of all that you do for the family- cleaning, cooking, childcare, bill paying etc.  If something were to happen to you, your spouse would need that extra money to take some time off work and/or hire help. 

Why Life Insurance is SO Important by Atlanta mom blogger Happily Hughes

Here are two more resources for you that we found educational and easy to understand: Does a Stay-At-Home Parent Need Life Insurance? And What Should I Know About Life Insurance?

Why Life Insurance is SO Important by Atlanta mom blogger Happily Hughes

As I mentioned earlier, we have our policies with Allstate.  It is a brand I trust, and they make shopping for the right policy easy and affordable!  You can find a local agent on their homepage here.  

Why Life Insurance is SO Important by Atlanta mom blogger Happily Hughes

This post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are mine. As the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, Allstate is dedicated not only to protecting what matters most–but to guiding people to live the Good Life, every day.

17 thoughts on “Why Life Insurance is SO Important”

  1. It’s easy to think “it won’t happen to me” or “I’m too young to worry about this” but realistically looking after your family in the event of an emergency or accident is important – good reminder

  2. I have to admit I haven’t thought much about life insurance, it’s just me and my other half, however perhaps it is something I should look into as you never know what the future may hold.

  3. Bernadette Callahan

    We currently do not have life insurance but I have been doing a little research lately. You never really know what is going to happen and it is better to have stuff like this taken care of well ahead of time.

  4. Blair villanueva

    I believe this is one necessities that always overlooked. Everyone should have it because its part of securing your future. If we can get car insurance, why not get life insurance for yourself?

  5. I could not agree with you more. Life insurance also sets something aside for children in the future in the event that you are not there. When the debate of if the amount set aside is enough I have to say that something is better than nothing.

  6. I never though about how important life insurance was until two tragic events happened almost back to back. One where a friend lost their child and one where the children lost their parents. In both situations there was no life insurance at all, leaving all expenses up to the family members. Sad situation. While purchasing life insurance always seemed morbid to me, now that I am older and a little wiser I see how extremely beneficial it can be.

  7. It is so important to have good life insurance. You ever know when something is going to happen. I feel better knowing my family will be taken care of if something happens to me.

  8. My hubby and I both have life insurance from work and our private insurance. Agree that life insurance is important to protect out children. When major mishaps happened – we can be sure that our children are well taken care of. A peace of mind for parents.

  9. I haven’t had life insurance for too long. I kept putting it off as one of those “I’m too young/don’t need it” type of things. I’m so glad I have it though.

  10. People don’t like talking about life insurance. But we have to. These days, you just never really know. And you want to make sure that those you love are taken care of. If something happened to you, it’s reassuring to them that they don’t have to worry about finances. They already have to deal with loss.

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  11. I couldn’t agree with you more! My parents had gotten my sister and I life insurance since birth, and I’ve done the same with my son. Life insurance really is so important no matter what age you are! Thanks for sharing!

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