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Holiday Gift Guide with Avalon

Holiday Gift Guide with Avalon by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

It’s no secret that Avalon is my favorite shopping center.  I’m there at least once, if not more a week.  On Monday, the valets even said “Hello again Mrs. Hughes!”  I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or proud, haha!  

Holiday Gift Guide with Avalon by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

If you haven’t been to Avalon, then you are sorely missing out.  There is an indoor/outdoor playground for the kids, several delicious restaurants, all the shopping your heart could want, a movie theater, and fun events planned each week.  For example, today is National Ugly Sweater Christmas Day and they’ll have shopping and games all day long.  I’ll be there with my girlfriend while the kids are at school.  If you haven’t finished all of your Christmas shopping, I am happy to help!  Here are some great gifts you can get for each person in your family in my Holiday gift guide for Avalon: 

Holiday Gift Guide with Avalon by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

Avalon Holiday Gift Guide For Him: 

  • OAK Steakhouse gift card.  You know what would be a great date idea?  Book him for a day date- Lunch at OAK (if you follow my stories you know how delicious this is!) followed by a movie, shopping, or just walking around and talking at Avalon.
  • One of these Bonobos shirts.  They’re well tailored and come in every print imaginable.  I got Jason a forest green one!
  • Millar pants.  Jason loves his, so I of course got him another pair.  The Twill pants look sooooo good on. 
  • Or how about an awesome new suitcase for travel?  This may be a subtle hint to your SO its time to plan a vacay.

Avalon Holiday Gift Guide For Her: 

Avalon Holiday Gift Guide For Kids:

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  1. Although – I’m jealous that I don’t live near Avalon to go shopping, I can appreciate it’s beauty through your pictures and stories! And your gift giving list is versatile enough to use at my local shopping center – Thanks for the share!

  2. Yes! I love a shopping center with a one stop shop. Makes everything so much easier. Looks like you were able to pick up the perfect gifts!! When I’m in that area I’ll have to stop by! 🙂

  3. These are all great gifts for the Fashionista in your life. We don’t have an Avalon here, but based on your pics, I’m sure I’d like to visit!! LOL

  4. Going shopping at Avalon is the best thing ever! This gift guide makes everything even easier for me when I have a chance to be there. Thanks so much for sharing such information!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous. Love that sparkly dress! This sounds like the perfect shopping center where you can get everything! I love that you shared your lists with us. Thank you!

  6. I would love to give gifts from there to myself ; ) only kidding! love the outfits, looks like an amazing place that has many things I’d love!

  7. Great gift guide, some really nice ideas here as well. I love the gift guides for the holidays!

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