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Whole30 Pros and Cons

Whole30 Pros and Cons by popular Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

So I agreed to do Whole30.  I understand that many people have done it before and loved the results.  Plus, I asked ya’ll if you wanted me to try it, you said yes, so here I am.  If I don’t seem like the most excited participant it’s because it’s day one and I already miss bread.  Like A LOT!  I made the kids waffles and eggs for dinner and it literally took all of me to not lick their plates.  I decided to put together a Whole30Pros and Cons list, as well as some easy snacks and out-to-eat meals you can have!  Make sure to join our Facebook group here.

Whole30 Pros and Cons

Whole30 Pros

  1. I love how Whole30 focuses on eating whole foods instead of bars, shakes, or juices. 
  2. I also love how it pushes each participant to try foods they may not have tried before, or at least new combinations of foods. 
  3. NO CALORIE COUNTING!  Eat the food friend, eat it all!
  4. It’s a 30 day break from alcohol.  I definitely need this, as I would catch myself drinking a glass of wine at night just for fun.  That’s unnecessary and a habit I need to get out of. 
  5. It’s also a very good cleanse.  This is a great reset for the whole body, especially the intestines. 

Whole30 Cons

  1. Its extremely restrictive.  No legumes, no dairy, and no grains.  I understand the need to eat smaller portions of those, but I do believe that legumes, dairy and grains are an important building block to a healthy diet.  Especially if you’re active! 
  2. SO many rules.  The list of can and cannots on this diet are a bit ridiculous if you ask me.  They also recommend that you make ALL your own food.  Ummm not happening sister.  I used store bought almond milk, plantain chips, and RX bars for on the go! 
  3. The Whole30 nazis.  You know the ones I’m talking about- they watch what everyone’s eating and tell them they’re not being compliant.  Mind ya, ok? 

Overall I do think it’s a great cleanse for the body and I’m excited to see the results!  And to get past days 1-10.  Haha!  I can’t wait to feel that Tigers Blood stage.  As promised, here are some meals you can eat out: 

  1. Chipotle- Salad, carnitas, pico and green salsa and guac 
  2. Chick-fil-a- Spicy Southwest Salad with no corn, beans or cheese.  You can bring your own salad dressing. 
  3. Mexican restaurant- get fajitas with no tortillas and a side of guac 
  4. Steak house- Get you a steak girl!  Ask that it be grilled alone with no butter.  Get a side of broccoli steamed. 
  5. Any breakfast place- go to town!  Egg omelette made without butter with peppers, onions, and spinach and a side of chicken sausage if it’s organic.  Again, not cooked in oil or anything. 

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20 thoughts on “Whole30 Pros and Cons”

  1. Jessica Bradshaw

    I haven’t tried whole 30 because it is so restrictive. I personally start craving the things I am told I can’t eat. Love that you listed the pros and cons. I know people who have had great success with it.

  2. Love this article. This is my first Whole 30 and I’m most anxious about eating out, so the meal tips will come in handy! Can’t wait to go through the journey. Made it through day 1, 29 left!

  3. This is such a a timely post! I’ve been thinking about doing the Whole30 and you outlined exactly why I should and shouldn’t do it.

  4. I think the no dairy would be the worst for me because I love cheese. Oh, and I love bread. Not thinking this would be an easy one for me to try! I’m curious to see what you think as you continue with it, though! Sounds like a great cleanse after all the heavy holiday foods.

  5. My co-workers and I started the whole 30 and I could not keep up, I felt it was too strict for me and it was not the right time as I was going away for a weekend with my daughter.

  6. I couldn’t do it for the dairy alone. It is far too restrictive for me and I love my food. I’d rather enjoy it and workout more. Also excellent headstand! And good for you for giving it a go and an honest review!

    1. I thought the same. I used to have a cup of fat free milk with my breakfast every morning but I really didn’t miss it and haven’t gone back to that habit. I will have milk in oatmeal or an occasional cup but not like I used to. I was at a place where I was gaining weight while I was eating “healthy” and working out and the whole30 helped me break through the barrier and reset my body.

  7. I have a few friends who are Whole30 people, and boy they let you know it. But, hey, I’m all about what works for ya! I lost 50 lbs a few years ago just by exercising daily and watching what I was eating. I need to get back to doing that!

  8. I just started my 6th round! It’s definitely been a game-changer for me. I mostly notice decreased bloating, less mood swings and clearer skin by day 30. Looking forward to following your experience with it!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing about Whole30. I have seen so many people that are positive about it but never sharing what the cons are, so thank you!

  10. I really appreciate your honesty in providing both pros and cons! Even if it works, I know it would not work for me because I would not be able to maintain something restrictive in the long term. My approach is to eat *fewer* carbs, not *no* carbs. Same for alcohol. Balance is key.

  11. Nice whole30 but very restrictive. I can do it only for less days. But I think it worth it. You can clean your system!! So vital thanks

  12. I have actually never heard of this before. I definitely ifelt think that people can do anything they set their mind to. I however do not think I could do without dairy. I need the protein way too much. I love how you added how you could eat out while doing this challenge.

  13. Oh my gosh! hahah yes! I remember making my kids mac and cheese when I started last Feb and it took EVERYTHING i had not to just help myself to their leftovers. This process changed my body though!! Keep on KEEPING ON BABE!

  14. How do I do this if I eat very little meat? I am not a vegetarian but many meats upset my stomach, especially pork and beef. I typically eat very small amounts of chicken or fish and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I eat mostly whole foods now and find protein in a daily bowl of steel cut oat meal, beans, and nuts. I like dairy but do not binge on it. I go between cow and coconut milk and eat cheese sparingly. I eat almost no processed foods. Mainly tomato sauce and only because I have yet to find an efficient way to make this from scratch.

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