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Happily Hughes Book Club Part 1 The Alice Network review by popular Atlanta blogger Happily Hughes

Happily Hughes Book Club Part 1 The Alice Network

Happily Hughes Book Club Part 1 The Alice Network review by popular Atlanta blogger Happily Hughes


I wanted to start this off with a bang- The Alice Network is a book I so enjoyed a couple months ago and it’s stuck with me ever since.  It has several STRONG female leads, spies during World War 1, and handsome ex-convicts- what more does a book need?  

Warning- there are hot topics in this book like: cursing and abortion. 

This is how we’re going to do this book club my friends:  you have 3 weeks to read/listen to this book.  If you’ve already read it, read it again!  In 3 weeks I will post discussion questions and we can all chat in the Casually Happy Facebook group!

Some things to think about while reading The Alice Network: 

  1. Who is the character you connect most with?  How does this change throughout the book? 
  2. Notice the theme of female friendship- how does this help our heroines? 
  3. Who would you fall in love with?  Captain Cameron or Finn Kilgore? 

What other books do ya’ll want to read?? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Happily Hughes Book Club Part 1 The Alice Network”

  1. This sounds like a thrilling book and historical fiction along true timeline events is my favorite genre. Having said that, reading that it is about spies in world war 1 causes me to believe it would be too much for my anxiety. I don’t even watch nighttime television. I will ask opinions on the subject though as maybe it is lite on the nerves.

  2. A must-read is The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo. The book is beautiful. I cannot stop thinking about it since I read it. I read this book faster than any I’ve ever read.

  3. Victoria Heckstall

    Wow! I was looking for some new books. I am just going to start at the top and work my way down the list.

  4. Our Family World

    I do love reading suspense novels, so I might be interested to read this book. I will try and get a copy and I hope I get enough free time to read. That is my biggest obstacle – finding enough time to spend for myself!

  5. Our book club kind of fizzled. I think most of us were in it for the wine! But this sounds like a great choice to get everyone back together. I love reading books with strong female leads.

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