Whole30 Workouts Week 3

Curious what Whole30 workouts to do for week 3? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her week 3 Whole30 workouts, click to see them here!

So the most requested workouts this month have been booty ones. Several of you have mentioned the “mom booty” which I totally get! When we’re pregnant our butts get juicy and plump, but after baby they tend to deflate. Here is a whole week of workouts for you to Build that Booty! Don’t miss my sweet friends Whole30 recipes and helpful posts here: My Life Well Loved, Stilettos and Diapers, Life Lutzurious. Check out the other workout week posts here.

  • Monday Cardio
    • Walk at the highest incline for 45 minutes. You can do this on a treadmill or find the highest hill in your neighborhood!
  • Tuesday Legs/Butt
    • Weighted Lunges 3x20x30
    • Squats 3x20x45
    • Deadlifts 3x20x50
    • Supermans 3×20
    • Calf raises 3x20x20
    • Sumo squats 3x20x40
  • Wednesday Cardio
    • Alternate between butt kicks and knee highs for 25 minutes. 45 seconds on, one minute off.
  • ThursdayOFF
  • Friday Legs/Butt
    • Glute bridge 3x20x40
    • Side walking squats 3x:45
    • Romanian deadlifts 3x20x20
    • Step ups 3×20
    • Squats 3x30x20
  • SaturdayCardio
    • Incline walk for 45 minutes
  • SundayOFF

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  1. What a great workout week. I really need to start tracking what I am doing this specifically. It shows so much growth over time!

  2. This plan is awesome that I am bookmarking it. I already know trying it will cause me pain because the leg and butt workout above I have never done…seriously. But baby steps. I just need to try.

  3. I always have to laugh at finding an incline in my neighborhood. I’ve lived in South Florida and South Texas. There’s no such thing as an incline here! I’ll have to stick to a treadmill for sure!

  4. I am definitely saving these booty blasting exercises! I have been working on my arms and core lately but I could definitely throw some of these exercises in my routine. You look amazing, by the way! <3

  5. It good to see how organised your work out regime is , I wish I could be and also nice to see you get some days off to rest too.

  6. perfect timing, I needed the inspo! Mondays are great for cardio indeed, after a lazy relaxing sunday it’s the best way to have a great start to the week!

  7. That workout looks so intense. I dont think i could do half of it without dying in a puddle of sweat and tears on my livingroom floor. I think ill need to work up to that with smaller steps.

  8. This is a great plan! Tuesday and Friday look like killer workouts. I’d definitely feel those the next day!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! Really need to get back to the gym and lose pounds from the holidays.

  10. Neely Moldovan says:

    Oh some fun workouts to add to my rotation for sure! I love this thanks!

  11. Back up a sec – they GET juicy and plump? LOL my derriere has always been a bit that way! That said, I do try to keep that backside toned underneath, because cycling (my passion) with weak glutes is pure torture – so if they get too out of shape, they pay for it (and then get back in shape again) as soon as biking season returns!

  12. I love the plan here you’ve created. I like how most of it can be done at home too.

  13. Jessica Hughes, I love the plan here you’ve created.

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