Whole30 Workouts Week 2

Curious what Whole30 workouts to do for week2? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her week 2 Whole30 workouts, click to see them here!

How’s Whole30 going my friends? I am cheering you on from the sidelines. If you don’t know why- go to this blog post. My sweet friends: Life Lutzurious, Stiletto and Diapers, and My Life Well Loved ALL have fantastic whole30 recipes and meal plans for you so go check out their linked blog posts above. Here is week 2 of our leaning out workouts! If you missed last weeks- go here. I have extra workouts on my IG stories too!

  • Monday Chest/Back
    • Circuit 1
      • Push-ups 3×15
      • Plank 3x:45
      • Bent over row 3x20x20
    • Circuit 2
      • Wide push-ups 3×10
      • Forearm plank 3x:45
      • Push Press 3x15x20
    • Circuit 3
      • Supermans 3×20
      • Side Planks 3x:45 each side
      • Burpees 3×20
  • Tuesday Legs
    • Circuit 1
      • Air squats 3×30
      • Switch Lunges 3×20
      • Wall sit 3x:45
    • Circuit 2
      • Kick backs 3×20 each side
      • Side lunges 3×20 each side
      • Butt Kicks 3x:45
    • Circuit 3
      • Sprints/ HIIT cardio for 30 minutes
      • Stop and do 20 squats every 5 minutes
  • Wednesday OFF
  • Thursday Bis/Tris
    • Curls 3×20
    • Tricep dips 3×10
    • Burnout curls 3x
    • Rope pull-downs 3×20
    • Static curl hold 3x
  • Friday Legs
    • Deadlift 3x20x45
    • Calf Raises 3x20x45
    • Squats 3x20x55
    • Hip thrusters 3x20x45
    • Leg Press 3x20x45
    • HIIT cardio 20 minutes
  • Saturday Cardio
    • 45 minutes HIIT cardio- elliptical or treadmill
    • 20 minutes of yoga or stretching
  • Sunday OFF

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  1. You look AMAZING! A co-worker of mine did Whole 30 a while back and she loved it and I know she lost some weight. I’m always looking for new workouts so maybe I will have to mix and match with some of yours!

  2. I got Wednesdays and Sundays covered! 🙂 JK
    The workouts seem pretty well structured, I will give it a try, but I think I will start with a circuit each day until I start working out again!

  3. You look amazing! Saving these workouts ASAP.

  4. You look great! I’ll have to save these workouts and give them a try myself. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Need to try these workouts later! They sound great.

  6. Girl you look so amazing! I need to do this!

  7. Becca Holloman says:

    I have never tried Whole30 before but I have heard that it is such a great diet. I love to see that you have shared a workout as well.

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