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Whole30 Challenge/Workouts

Are you doing a Whole 30 this year? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her top Whole 30 workouts and challenges to help you rock the Whole 30 successful this year.
So if you were part of our group last year, you know I will never do a full Whole30 again. That being said, I am focusing on a low white sugar, macro and IF based diet. I also have several recipes from last whole30 here. Make sure you check out My Life Well Loved and Stiletto Diapers for their recipes for the week!

Here are the leaning workouts for the week. If you’re confused by the numbers remember this: the first number is how many rounds, the second number is how many reps, and the third number is how much weight.

Easy Whole 30 Workout Schedule

  • Tuesday Bis/Tris and Cardio
    • HIIT cardio for 20 minutes (1 min sprint 1 min cool down)
    • Curls 3x20x20
    • Bis 3x20x20
    • Dips 3x20xbodyweight
    • Cable Curls 3x20x25
    • Tricep Push-down 3x20x25
    • Alternating Curl burnouts 3xexhastionx20
    • Dip burnouts 3xexhaustionxbodyweight
    • HIIT cardio for 20 minutes (1 min sprint 1 min cool down)
  • Wednesday 
    • 10 minutes cardio warmup
    • Circuit 1:
      • Lunge walks 3x20x15
      • Air squats 3×30
      • Wall Sits 3x:45
    • Circuit 2:
      • Box Step Ups 3×20
      • Froggers 3×20
      • Side squat walk 3×20
    • 10 minute cardio cool down- I recommend walking on a treadmill at an incline
  • Thursday Off
  • Friday Chest/Back
    • Pushups 1xexhaustion
    • Row 3x20x35
    • Bench press 3x20x40
    • Cable Lat Pulldown 3x20x25
    • Cable Crossover 3x20x20
    • Pushups 2xexhaustion
    • 30 minutes of cardio! I prefer to do HIIT on the elliptical. 1 minute on 1 minute off
  • Saturday Legs
    • Squats 3x20x65
    • Leg Press 3x20x50
    • Calf Raises 3x20x30
    • Deadlift 3x20x40
    • Squats 3x20x85
    • Side squat walk burnouts
  • Sunday off

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